Thursday, 26 July 2018

Angels, They Are, Absolute Angels!

The court heard Pemberton, 57, would frequently visit her son, who had a drink and drug problem, and drink with him in the flat.
That, errr, helps...
Other apartment block residents had complained to the building’s owner, William Grundy, about the defendant’s son. There were arguments between the three of them as a result.
The court heard the defendant had asked Mr Grundy to remove her son from the flat several times.
As a result the defendant’s son was evicted from the apartment.
She got her wish. Was she happy?

Reader, she was not!
Keith Sutton, prosecuting, said CCTV footage showed her inside the building, and shortly after she left the flat was on fire.
He said: “She admitted she deliberately set fire to the flat.
“The defendant set fire to the flat as a result of grievances she had in relation to Mr Grundy," said Mr Sutton.
“She said she would not leave the flat until she saw the flames.
“She said she would not go down for a ‘small apartment in Regent Street’ but for something bigger.”
Lovely! What, if anything, did this paragon do for a living?
Pemberton, who had worked as a state enrolled nurse for 33 years, had set fire to the flat with a candle, the court heard.
Mark Stuart, defending, said his client had been drinking to cope with working 14-hour shifts as a nurse and cope with her son’s issues.
Well, that's a rather unique excuse. At least, for once, the 'I'm a woman, get me out of jail free!' card was declined.
She was given a two-year prison sentence and ordered to pay a surcharge.
A restraining order was so made to not make contact with Mr Grundy and his family for five years.
I wonder if the NHS will take her back when she comes out?


Bucko said...

She was drinking to cope with her sons issues

Which are, erm, drink

jack ketch said...

I wonder if the NHS will take her back when she comes out?

If not there will always be a job going at ATOSers as a 'trained medical professional' PIP assessor.

JuliaM said...

"Which are, erm, drink"

And I thought nurses had to have degrees now!