Wednesday, 18 July 2018

It's Like The Punchline To That Old Joke...

...isn't it?
Miss Coleman told the judge: "To acknowledge that shows maturity and shows he is accepting what he has done.
"He doesn't want to let this unfortunate situation define him. He wishes to define himself with what he does now rather than what he has done in the past."
If I was an attempted murderer, so would I!
Miss Coleman said the boy has already spent more than seven weeks without visits from his family, because of administrative problems. The detention had prevented him taking some exams which hampered his prospects of taking A-levels.
Wait, he's the victim, somehow?
The judge ordered that the boy's identity should not be revealed to the public because he is under 18. He is to review that decision on Wednesday.
And since we don't know the name, I suppose he must have reviewed it, and decided he was right.

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