Saturday, 7 July 2018

Identity Politics Chicken Coming Home To Roost - At The Curtis Green Building

Ms Sandhu, who joined the police in 1989, rose through the ranks to become borough commander in Richmond-upon-Thames.
She is one of the most senior ethnic minority officers in the Met and in 2006 received an Asian Women of Achievement award, largely for her work in reassuring the community in the aftermath of the 7 July terrorist attacks on London's transport system.
Last month she tweeted that she "will be promoted to Ch Supt" in the Metropolitan Police, adding: "I will be the first woman of colour to hold this rank."
And I'm sure she'll do as well as all those other identity politics hires.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Parm Sandhu has been served with a "gross misconduct" investigation notice, meaning she could potentially face a serious disciplinary charge.
Hmmm, what's the issue?
BBC News understands the inquiry is focusing on whether Ms Sandhu encouraged colleagues to support her nomination for a Queen's Police Medal (QPM).
Oh dear!
National Police Chief Council guidelines say that "any person can nominate any other person for an honour".
However, as with other honours, people are not expected to nominate themselves and are not meant to contribute to or know about the process.
The internal Met investigation is examining an allegation that Ms Sandhu may have contacted other officers with a summary of information to support her QPM nomination.
Import the Third World, get Third World practices...

H/T: @riobard via Twitter


Anonymous said...

She worked on my borough for a while before going off with stress. Nothing will happen here, she is untouchable. And she knows it.

Anonymous said...

Useless, crooked filth? Shurley shome mishtake ...

Anonymous said...

Fishing for a medal is not in the same league as Ali Dizaei.
BUT, she's no longer working shifts on the front line - she's in HR or personnel.


MTG said...

Money is totally squandered on a public service manned by lying crooks.

JuliaM said...

"Nothing will happen here, she is untouchable. And she knows it."

I fear you're right.

"Fishing for a medal is not in the same league as Ali Dizaei."

Does that mean she'll get a smaller mansion if she's forced to retire?