Saturday 30 October 2021

Quote Of The Month

Longrider on bringing sense to the nonsensical:
"I’m aware that there is this new thing that we are supposed to put aside our sexual attractions to accommodate trans people. Owen Jones (he of Grauniad fame) has penned articles accusing us of being transphobic (there’s no such thing, Ed) if we declined. He has also regaled us for not wanting to date black people although if we do, that’s appropriation or something. Either way, whichever way you jump you are racist, but that’s another story. This is just the next step, I suppose. A lesbian is what would best be described as super gay in that she is attracted to women – that is, biological women, not women with penises and not women with inverted penises. You cannot legislate for sexual preference. And that preference is hard wired."
And LegIron on being fair to...Alec Baldwin?!
"So while I don’t think Alec Baldwin should get off scot free – he did kill someone, after all – I can see mitigating circumstances around the case. He was an idiot to point his gun at someone even though he thought it only contained blanks, but he was acting on a film set and had no reason to believe the gun contained anything but blanks. He is anti-gun so it’s reasonable to assume he has no real idea about gun safety. He’s an actor so probably has little idea about the real world at all."


Nemisis said...

Not so much "he's an actor" more "he's a celebrity" so definitely no ideas of the real world plus he's forgoten what he was taught about guns as a child.

JuliaM said...

" he's forgoten what he was taught about guns as a child."

I wonder if he ever was? Usually these people come from rather, shall we say, 'non-practical' families...