Wednesday 27 October 2021

Fighting Back...

Lisa Keogh, 29, was investigated by Abertay University in Dundee after classmates complained that she made 'inappropriate comments' during a seminar which 'could be construed as discriminatory'.
What awful thing did she say? Simply biological fact: women have vaginas.
But after a two-month probe, which took place while the mother of two underwent her final year exams this year, the university's disciplinary board decided not to uphold the misconduct charge against her after finding there was no evidence that she had discriminated against anyone.

And - at last! - she's not content to leave it there. She's taking the fight back to the wokesters. 

In a series of tweets today, the mature student announced that she is now seeking compensation from Abertay University for the 'stress caused at the most crucial part of my university career'.
MailOnline can also reveal that Miss Keogh's legal team, MML Legal Dundee, believe that the university is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 by pursuing her for 'expressing her gender critical beliefs'.



Longrider said...

Good luck to her. Play the bastards by their own game.

Anonymous said...

Many Universities have stopped being places of learning, now that's a fact. Good luck to the lady concerned.

Slightly off topic, but as far as I'm concerned, post - operative MTF transsexuals might as well use either kind of toilets, as they will need a cubicle, and they have lockable doors. Moreover, they aren't likely to rape women in the Ladies, now are they? (Nor to use the urinals). But that doesn't make them women.

FTM transsexuals ought to be using urinals. Incidentally, most men can't aim straight and also dribble on the floor (me included), so I'm completely against the 'wash-basin' type of urinal, much preferring the Victorian type of a ceramic 'wall' with a drip tray and side-screens.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.11,
If the urinals or ceramic walls had images of the numpties creating chaos out of nothing regarding FTM printed on them, you will find your aim will be true, with less dribble waste.

JuliaM said...

"Good luck to her. Play the bastards by their own game."

'Rules for Radicals' is everyone's friend here.. 😉

"Many Universities have stopped being places of learning, now that's a fact. "

No, they still are doing that. But what they are teaching is not of benefit, as it once was. We need a new Henry VIII to treat them like the monasteries.

And salt the earth, just to make sure.