Wednesday 13 October 2021

Finally, The Courts Get Tough...

A dog owner has slammed an order to destroy his two French bulldogs after they bit a woman passing his home.
Roxy and Kilo, who belong to John Gizzi, were ordered to be destroyed by a judge at Llandudno Magistrates Court on Monday.
But Gizzi, a convicted former gangster, called the destruction order "barbaric" and “ridiculously harsh” and said he will appeal.

Hmmm, is his former 'occupation' the reason why are the courts are taking such a tough line, when they usually err on the side of excessive leniency? 

Gizzi insisted that the electric gates at his home in St Asaph where the woman was bitten are always closed when not in use, but said some bars have been bent by would-be intruders.
He said the £3,000 compensation was excessive because the wounds were minor, according to his lawyer in court.

What a charmer... 

Since the court case, a petition to save the animals has been set up by supporters. It received 100 signatures in 16 minutes, said Gizzi.

From Mr M Maus and Mr D Duk, I expect... 

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