Monday 11 October 2021

We're Going To Run Out Of Promising Footballers At This Rate!

The fatal crash occurred as Pc Paul Summerson, 44, pursued former youth footballer Lewis Johnson, 18, and his pillion passenger Louis Kyriacou, 18, through Stoke Newington on the morning of February 9 2016.

Five years ago...? 

The court heard police believed that Mr Johnson and Mr Kyriacou were involved in a "smash and grab" theft in the area.

Ah, well, if they'd stopped and explained themselves, he'd still be alive now... 

As he fled from the police car, Mr Johnson also drove in between traffic and even on to a footpath, the jury heard. Summerson's BMW had its flashing lights and a siren on during the pursuit, the court was told.

No excuses. That the cop is being prosecuted for this is inexcusable.  

The chase moved from Stoke Newington through Stamford Hill and on to Clapton Common road, where it caused a panel van to move out of the way, Mr Sandiford told the court.
But the court heard the van drove directly into the path of Mr Johnson's vehicle and collided with it, causing the moped to spin into a pole on the side of the road - killing Mr Johnson and seriously injuring his passenger.

 All I have to say on this 'tragic event'


Anonymous said...

When this trial ends his parents will be outside the court crying for their son.(Possibly not the Dad as it's very rare to have both parents of scum still together).
I'd like a reporter to have the guts to ask "why was he out thieving? Why didn't he stop when the police instructed him and he'd be alive if he did?"

TJ said...

It is always good to have a happy ending to a story...

JuliaM said...

"When this trial ends..."

Well, it's now ended. 12 good men (and women) took less time than it takes me to run the dishwasher to bring in a versict of 'No-one cares, he was scum'.

But it seems that the police are going to now do him for gross misconduct. I wonder if the Dame of Disaster had a personal hand in that decision?