Monday 18 October 2021

Why Did It Go To Trial In The First Place?

A Metropolitan Police officer has been cleared of causing the death by dangerous driving of an 18-year-old man during a high-speed chase.
He had this hanging over him for five years. The jury must have had a long deliberation to m... 

The jury returned its not guilty verdict after deliberating for one hour and 20 minutes.

Why did it ever go to trial? The police have been here before, after all.  


Frank said...

An hour and twenty minutes! What took them so long? Must have been particularly tasty tea and biscuits?

Anonymous said...

Update...he's getting disciplined next February. The agony goes on for him . Police discipline hearings are balance of probability not beyond reasonable doubt. Another five months of stress for doing his job catching scum.

MTG1 said...

Whilst I freely acknowledge that most plod are bastards, I hope this particular one is winkled out quickly and without a penny. Too many insane plodchase crashes end this way but hothead plod continue to wallow in 'there' petrolhead bloodbath. Idiots, fiercely protected by a uniform, a perverse union and myopic bloggers, continue to be the direct cause of many road deaths each year. The same dangerously wild pursuits will be outlawed in the very near future, for sure. It will be the advent of such measures which will then spurn the likes of JuliaM to post her indignation at safety legislation being 'well overdue'.

Irresponsible driving by plod is a measurable component of morgue admissions and in my view, plod will never be properly held accountable for the criminal carnage. Their victims may be drivers of uninsured/stolen vehicles but are just as frequently, innocent pedestrians, bystanders and other law-abiding, third parties. The use of drones, smart markers and blackbox technology can all play their different parts in making PC Madbastard, redundant.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose MTG comes from Hull, bearing in mind the comments by Penseivat of people from that part of the country.
Johnny English

MTG said...

As I described one 'PC Madbastard' I was thinking of you, Penise.

JuliaM said...

"An hour and twenty minutes! What took them so long?"

Well, quite! We never got tea and biscuits when I did jury service... 😑

"Update...he's getting disciplined next February."

Ridiculous! 🤬

"I hope this particular one is winkled out quickly and without a penny. Too many insane plodchase crashes end this way..."

I wish that were true, since the laws of physics is doing the job of ridding us of these parasitic scum that the justice system seems incapable of doing. I'd have given the officer a medal.

Anonymous said...

"I'd have given the officer a medal."

Of course you would, dear. And if I were your GP I'd have given you an ACE-111 test, long ago.