Saturday 30 October 2021

Tweet Of The Month

Ooh, triple treat this month: 


MTG1 said...

Oh, they come...the end-of-term homework awards and monthly prizes for special fellow bloggers.

A desire to play teacher, marking the output of a small group of students, was ever plain, JuliaM. Yet your entire audience, however limited numerically and intellectually, copes within a select and intimate atmosphere. An aura that inspires some metaphorical 'pupil at the back of the class' to suggest that your real-life ambition was and is, thwarted by an unseen handicap. An insult which in your view, merits cane with a double detention.

And I furthered if your marking and reports bored the pants off your fellow bloggers as much as they bore me.

JuliaM said...

"...monthly prizes for special fellow bloggers."

Ah, sadly, no opportunity for anything more solid than recognition.

But people do love recognition, don't they?

" much as they bore me."

Can't bore you that much if you keep coming back, can it?