Monday, 3 July 2017

No Gunfire Please, We're Townies!

The farmer, Paul Lovell, 43, who was shooting for sport on the farm at the time and has shot there for 12 years, said the situation was "blown out of proportion" and the response "seemed a bit excessive".
He told the Surrey Mirror: "What happened was quite concerning both from my point of view and from the parents' point of view. People are saying that I pointed the gun at the dog walker, which is just not true – I don't recall seeing anyone on the farm while I was out there.
"If you are walking onto a farm you have to expect to see guns, as much as you'd expect to see a pint of beer being poured when you walk into a pub."
I'm glad he didn't say 'as much as you'd expect to see a cigarette being smoked'...
"He added that he will now contact both schools before going shooting each time and is urging dog walkers to "mind their own business" and stick to designated footpaths when they enter private land.
Now there's an exercise in futility if ever I heard one...

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