Monday, 31 July 2017

Quote Of The Month

Tom Paine on 'mission creep' in the field of law-making:
"Reading my last copy of the IBA's journal I realised another reason why I was content to let go. The tone of the articles has changed. Lawyers are always in danger of going to the dark side because, good or bad, new laws tend to make them richer. Arguably the worse the laws the more work they generate. Only noble traditions passed on at an individual's age of peak naivety in Law School helped most of us understand that law is at its very best only a (sometimes) necessary evil and that every problem solved even by the best law introduces several new ones.
The capture of academia by Cultural Marxists / post modernism has killed that protection. Every article introducing a new law now seems to bemoan that it did not go further."


James Higham said...

Indeed it is quote of the month.

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