Saturday 29 July 2017

The UK Police Farce: Twitter Is Their Krypotonite!

Bedfordshire Police:"How many levels of Common Purpose toadying r u on?" 
Wiltshire Police: "About 5 or 6 my dude..." 
Bedfordshire Police:"You are like little baby.. watch this!"

You really couldn't make it up, could you? To quote Tim Newman, who sums it up far better than I could:
"If you talk to policemen on Twitter, their first line of defence is to say you don’t understand how things work, and ten of them pile in to say that the police don’t make the laws, they only enforce them. Their assumption is that you don’t know this. The point they miss is that much of the public don’t blame the police for enforcing shitty laws, but they detest the way they go about it with such obvious glee and pomposity. If the police adopted an attitude of “Sorry mate, but we have to do this…new laws, y’see” the public might think better of them. But they don’t, they fall over themselves to enforce these appalling laws – and boast about their powers online.
The second line of defence for policemen is to make you out as some sort of crank, way out of tune with the general public. They’ll all reiterate how much the public values them as per the latest polls, and most will talk about what a great job their colleagues are doing. Policemen seem to think their poor public image can be rectified by having policemen praise each other online. Others will say things like “the emergency services do a great job”, hoping the genuine appreciation people have for firemen and paramedics will rub off on hapless Plod. Eventually they’ll dismiss you as being a paranoid outlier and block you. One even said he was glad he was able to protect the public from “people like me”, as if this engineer with a blogging hobby was a danger to anyone. Seemingly not appreciating the police and showing signs of defiance makes you a threat in the eyes of Plod."
If you ask 'the British public' what they want from the police, I very much doubt they'll say 'We want you to crack down of right-wing people being mean on the Internet'. They are most likely to say 'We want to you keep my property and person safe'.

If they can do that, the average person won't much care what else they get up to...

And we've just been treated to a display of how well they do that:

They retreat and leave the streets in the hands of rioters. Just like they did in the London riots.

If it's a middle aged blogger or a spotty teenager 'harassing' someone via Facebook, they are all over it like a rash. But if it's seriously dangerous, then it's 'Ooooh, don't fancy that much!'.

The public are left to get on with it as best they can. Some, to their credit, do:

But where were the police, if this street filth had managed to open the driver's doors and drag him out? Cowering in their cars in case they 'inflamed the situation'?

Or waiting until one of da yoot got hurt so they could arrest him for dangerous driving?

With my cynical hat on, I might say that this utter lack of response is so they can squeal for 'more resources' from the government so many of them despise. And sure enough...

It's NOT about numbers. It's about will and resolve.

Hands up who thinks the crippled British police still possess that, when faced with real threats, and not just people writing things they don't agree with..?


MTG said...

Perhaps the 'eradite' WC Jaded and ex PC Penise, will jointly illuminate readers on the value of a cowardly public 'service', which hides under yellow blankets at the first sign of real trouble.

For my own part, the prospect of meaningful change has been finally precipitated by Mr Plod's abusive manipulation of violent situations. Uniformed milksops, masquerading as public servants, have blackmailed and held the government to ransom for too long; yet no individual is safe from plod malfeasance. I have watched everyone from ordinary citizens to government ministers being threatened, 'fitted up' and losing their reputations and/or jobs, as a direct consequence of vile Plodplots.

I relish the prospect of redesignation for Mr Plod and the fragmentation of his corrupt empire into small, manageable components. Plod is certainly unworthy of public trust to respond properly and effectively to riots or even to armed (or allegedly armed) criminals. An immediate transfer of these duties to the military, could be the next demand from Parliamentarians. When these demands echo through Westminster, they will sound sweeter than Borodin to me.

Lord T said...

It is about numbers. If plod could guarantee a 30 to 1 advantage they would be all over these just like they do when raising peoples houses for saying harsh words on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Top form today Melvin. Even more boring, prejudice, repetitive,pompous and arrogant than ever. Had an extra pudding in the mental home for energy?
There's two anti-police posts on here today so quickly scroll up and cut and paste your rubbish onto that one as well.

Lord T said...

Jaded, I'm sure that there are a lot of coppers who are are upset as we are over what is going on in the justice system in the UK. People that investigate murders and those that go after violent criminals but they don't seem to be able to do much regarding changing public perception as they are so few. The ones we see every day are simply interested in persecuting us for harsh words, a few miles above the limit and parking offences and stopping us doing our civic duties. The person that stopped people trying to save that kid in the pond a while ago for H&S reasons should be doing time imo. Then we are told there are 23K+ jahadis and plod doesn't have the manpower so we will have to get used to terrorism while being unable to defend ourselves and yet I watched two of your members persecuting a charity van driver for having his tail hanging over a yellow line outside the shop yesterday. We know it isn't all your fault because the courts are full of pussies but you do your bit to make our lives just that little bit more miserable. You reap what you sow.

On the plus site I think it will get better but sadly not before it gets a lot, lot worse.

Andy said...

There's the bill on the street, that's Mr. Plod, then there's the fast tracked graduate types ruling the roost. Mr. Plod on the street usually knows the rights and wrongs of policing their parish. The graduate types certainly know what is required of them. Did anyone actually believe that the new elected Police Commissioners would bring more representation? They were right, our government (wherever they reside) are now perfectly represented. Trust your Police, read Nightstick's archived piece about how not to fall foul of the rules. Most of them really are on our side. Sorry MTG and Jaded et Al, I just had to join in with my ha'pence worth. Carry on without me.

Anonymous said...

Even the worst of them were only following orders but most of the SS were decent chaps at heart, Andrew.

JuliaM said...

"It is about numbers. If plod could guarantee a 30 to 1 advantage they would be all over these..."

30 cops who have been taught to think of these parasites as 'victims'?

"On the plus site I think it will get better but sadly not before it gets a lot, lot worse."

Carnival is coming up in a few weeks. Just sayin'...

"Did anyone actually believe that the new elected Police Commissioners would bring more representation?"

I did. Briefly. Then reality happened.

"Even the worst of them were only following orders but most of the SS were decent chaps at heart, Andrew."

Grain of truth time?