Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Isn't 'Making A Commotion' A Stupid Thing To Do...

...if you claim you're scared of an animal?
In St Clair's defence statement, he said that his friends started to make a commotion because some of them were scared of dogs.
He said that Mr Anderson was racist towards the defendant, who was a sixth former at the time and used terms such as 'monkey' and 'n****r'.
Any witnesses?
'This is a young man with great promise who has a place at university. Someone who is an example of someone who will do the best he can and will live his life as a law abiding person.'
Well, he hasn't managed up until now, has he!
Judge Zoe Smith sentenced St Clair, of Oxford, to four years imprisonment with 112 days of electronic tag deducted.
WTF..? When was he on the tag? Was it when he was on bail for the more serious charge of murder?
The victim's mother Edith Anderson revealed her pain and suffering has left her longing for her son to walk back into her arms with 'the smile he always had on his face'. In a statement read to the court, the pensioner spoke of her distress: "My family will take a long time to get over the loss of their brother and son. My husband and I will never get over it."
So, how did this death occur?
Mr Anderson was cycling along High Street towards The Plain roundabout, while some of the group ran ahead of him, but decided moments later to get off his bike and push it back towards Carfax.
A witness revealed he spotted St Clair, who played for football team Littlemore Youth, then run towards the victim as he attempted to mount his bike at about 11.30pm.
St Clair, of Kestrel Crescent, Oxford, then lunged back on one leg, swinging his other leg around, rotating his body and kicking Mr Anderson. The victim crashed to the ground, thumping his head on the pavement before St Clair fled the scene and jumped onto a bus, prosecutor Matthew Walsh said.
So the victim was clearly avoiding a confrontation when the worthless scum launched his attack? Surely that's worthy of more time in jail?


Pcar said...

Judge Zoe Smith appears to be - as @Anonymous, 19 July 2017 at 11:48 said on Dr Cif thread - a "lefty hand wringing tw@t"

4 years - tag days = released in shortly over a year. Disgusting.

Lefty SJWs moan too many blacks, RoPs etc in jail. Obviously too few and not for long enough.

Northish said...

Pretty standard defence when a dindo is in the dock, no doubt backed up by his mates who clearly heard the "justification" for the beating.

JuliaM said...

"Lefty SJWs moan too many blacks, RoPs etc in jail. Obviously too few and not for long enough."

Spot on!

"Pretty standard defence when a dindo is in the dock..."

You'd think they'd wise up, but if overuse brings no consequences...