Thursday 5 December 2019

Where's The Equality?

A woman who posted naked pictures of her ex-boyfriend in an online 'revenge porn' attack has had her jail term suspended after an appeal.
Was that all she did? Reader, it was not...
...she left key marks in his car, included the inscription of one particularly offensive expletive.
Ashraf also sent an abusive e-mail to the man's employer calling him 'absolutely disgusting' and saying he had 'assaulted many girls.'
Police were contacted and when she was interviewed she claimed her victim had in fact taken intimate pictures of her without her consent and sent them to friends.
It's amazing that the police didn't immediately turn around and begin investigating him.
In mitigation Peter Du Feu said his client, a university student, had spent four days of her sentence behind bars.
He added that she had hopes of a placement at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and that was now in jeopardy.
Well, yes. Why would the US want someone with a criminal record?

But that's not mitigation, it's what we call 'consequences'...
Sentencing, Judge Nigel Daly called Ashraf's behaviour 'particularly nasty' and said while the jail length was 'appropriate,' it could be suspended.
She was jailed for 18 weeks suspended for two years and must complete 15 rehabilitation days and pay compensation.
Why? Where's the justice?

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