Thursday 12 December 2019

Today's The Day.... go out and vote. Whatever flavour you support, at least have your say. No matter what the weather.

I will. Because to not take part seems unthinkable. Especially if the unthinkable should happen...

You know it makes sense!

H/T: Ann Sheridan via Twitter


Lord T said...

Do you honestly compare that buffoon Johnson with Churchill?

Of course he has his chance to be seen as Churchill with his name lasting through history but he just won't take it.

Bucko said...

I'm not voting for any of them, they're all a shower and voting for them just encourages them

Anonymous said...

Vote Boris and you get Mr Bean! Still, he's preferable to the the member for Hamas South.

Stonyground said...

For the first time in my life I spoiled the ballot. I'm with Bucko, non of them represent me and I'm through with voting Conservative just because they are the least horrible.

Just Trevor said...

I had to hold my nose so hard it almost came off in my hand and vote for that utter mediocrity Jackie Boil-Thrice and then spend the rest of the day retching my guts up. I'm relieved but not elated by the outcome, and let's not forget the London results were horrific. The Unconservatives were so lacklustre they didn't deserve to so well. They should have fought a much more aggressive campaign and attacked Labour and the Illiberal Undemocrats for being the anti-British, and specifically anti-white, vermin that they are. Farage deserves a lot of credit for his actions. Had Boris not rejected the offer of a pact, even more seats could have been won by a Brexit alliance (the Barnsley seats, a couple around Hull, and Hartlepool come immediately to mind). Johnson's saving grace is that he isn't Corbyn. That's not really good enough.

JuliaM said...

"Do you honestly compare that buffoon Johnson with Churchill?"

He's a lot closer than any of the rest, isn't he?

"For the first time in my life I spoiled the ballot."

I understand the sentiment. It's just that I cannot bring myself to do it.

"I had to hold my nose so hard it almost came off in my hand..."

Yup! It wasn't so much of a vote for, as a vote against!