Wednesday 4 December 2019

No! We Can't Handle The Truth! Pt248624

Police have been accused of hanging “victim-blaming“ baubles on a Christmas tree in a church.
Yeah. You all know where this is going, right? And why?
“Don’t drink to excess” and “being drunk makes you vulnerable” are printed messages serving as decorations for Suffolk Constabulary’s festive tree, according to images posted on social media.
Amy Roch, from Suffolk Rape Crisis centre, told The Independent the messages are "totally wrong" as they are "focussing attention in the wrong place".
God forbid women take responsibility...
Charles Jenkin, the vicar for the church holding the Christmas tree festival, said: "St Mary-le-Tower church welcomes the 'Suffolk Police Safety at Christmas' tree in our festival.
"It is full of sensible advice, although taken altogether it is a rather sad reflection of how careful people have to be these days to stay safe."
How long do you give it until he - and Suffolk Police - are forced into a climbdown, and have to remove the tree?


Anonymous said...

'Drunken consent is still consent' should be a reminder on one bauble.

By the way, if Prince Andrew shagged a 17 year old girl, and she consented, that's legal, in this country at least. It might not be in the US, but I do remember in the 1950s, Jerry Lee Lewis having a wife ( ) of 13 years in age, which was definitely beneath the age of consent then, and still would be except if you are a follower of the religion of Mad Ham Mo.

Of course, when US law trumps anyone else is when a US citizen drives so badly she murders someone, and then all she has to do is decamp to US soil.

Anonymous said...

'Twas a cousin marriage, too.

Tom said...

I didn't see anything on the tree that isn't good advice for anyone, man or woman.

I'm a man and I'm careful. When I was in my teens and twenties I needed advice like this.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you're spot-on. "Being drunk makes you vulnerable" - of course it does. It also makes you stupid, and sometimes violent. Smoking cannabis is also a bad idea.

JuliaM said...

"...that's legal, in this country at least. "

Pshaw! What does legality have to do with anything anymore?

"I didn't see anything on the tree that isn't good advice for anyone, man or woman."

Exactly! It's almost as if they hate the idea that people should take personal responsibility for anything...