Saturday 14 December 2019

What Sort Of Job...?

Ryan Rodgers hit back at his mother-in-law's claims that he's a 'workshy liar' to insist he is looking for a job – and only quit one last year after a cancer scare.
To afford to keep seven children he's going to need to be a CEO of a large utility company!
Jenny, who had her first child when she was 17, said she does not believe in abortion and said they have only recently hit hard times.
The tattooed dad blamed the Government's benefits cap for their dire situation and on the GoFundMe page said they were ashamed to beg for money.
Yes. It's the government's fault they've bred themselves out of their accommodation. Isn't it always?
Before the benefits cap was introduced the pair received £2,100 a month.
But with the limit in force they now only receive £480 a month in Universal Credit after their rent and a loan is deducted.
Personally, I still think that's £400 too much...

H/T: Stephen Brown via email


Witchie said...

I suppose that there's a slight chance that with so many children, one (or even more) might turn out to be an asset to the country. And that's perhaps even only as an organ donor.

How many 'scum' died at the Somme, do you think? We may need them to stand between us and a certain religious group that also breeds like flies?

Perhaps they should just wait a few years. With 7 or more on bennies, the household income will be excellent!

JuliaM said...

That's a very slight chance. You'd need an electron microscope to see it!