Friday, 29 November 2019

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon on fine form, commenting on the rap movie controversy:
"Needless to say, the BBC was fearless in holding the filmmaker to account for his exercise in social arson.... by quoting from his Instagram account without comment:
Blue Story's writer and director, Andrew Onwubolu, said Saturday's disturbance in Birmingham was "truly unfortunate".
In an Instagram post on Sunday, the rapper-turned-filmmaker wrote: "Sending love to all those involved in yesterday's violence at Star City in Birmingham.
"It's truly unfortunate that a small group of people can ruin things for everybody.
"Blue Story is a film about love not violence.
Yep: it's all about the love except somehow people keep seeing it as a call for homicidal madness.
So, you know, it's basically the Koran of movies."

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