Monday, 11 November 2019

You're Not Wrong, You're Just A Little Early....

After being found guilty at Cardiff Crown Court earlier this week Higgins turned to family and friends in the public gallery and said: 'Can you believe that? It's absolutely disgusting.'
Because being found guilty is an outrage. Almost as big an outrage as this:
An 'immature' learner driver who deliberately mowed down a shopper at a Sainsbury's supermarket was today jailed for five years.
Judge Rees also banned Higgins from driving for four-and-a-half years.
Five years for taking a man's life. That's disgusting....


Anonymous said...

"...jailed for 5 years.."
He'll be out in just over 2 years, having 50% knocked off for 'good behaviour' as soon as the prison van goes through the gates. Also, a great part of that driving ban takes place while he's in prison, where (hopefully) the opportunities of him driving will be remote, so his ban would really be a little over 2 years.
Oh, why can't we clone Vlad the Impaler and make him Home Secretary?

JuliaM said...

I had high hopes for Priti Patel. We'll see if she gets the chance to prove herself tough enough, and not just another May clone.