Friday, 22 November 2019

Give Some People Power....

...and they behave like this:
'At parents' evening I went to the toilet and there was a single tissue dispenser and my daughter counted out five sheets and went to the toilet. There are no tissue dispensers in the cubicles.
'I spoke to the head teacher and she told me it was so that children don't block the toilets using too much toilet paper.'
Oh? Not because she's a cold-blooded control freak or Green fruitcake who has listened to too much Sheryl Crow then?
Fahmim who is an adviser at Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative, and her husband Afjul Ali, have written a formal letter of complaint to the school's head teacher Ruth Jackson.
Following her complaint the school has now said it has reviewed its policy.
A spokeswoman from the school said: 'We have reviewed our policy and will soon be installing dispensers in all our cubicles. We will be contacting parents shortly to let them know of the change.'
Translation: "Ooops! Busted!"


Anonymous said...

FFS. What's to stop anyone taking their own little pack of tissues with them? Julia - haven't you visited the Ladies Loos all your life? Don't you know the 'cover the seat with toilet paper' routine? If it ain't added to the flush, then it's left on the floor to be traipsed out into the corridor (and that's my experience in a Uni, let alone a school). Plus, the average girl/woman can't dry her flower with as few as 5 sheets, let alone clean off the arse crack after a dump.

As for the mother, her name (Fahmin Khanum - is that pronounced 'Cane 'Em?) she probably wants those squirty bidet type toilets, which to my mind isn't a bad idea. Not that they are traditional Eyeslam, because piped water wasn't much of a tradition in the desert (they took a bottle of water - if they were lucky - and washed their bum with a watery hand). But it is gratifying to know that no whifflets are left.

And less likely to block the bog pans with.

Anonymous said...

What about communal sponges on sticks? Good enough for the Romans at Housesteads, good enough for the Welsh schoolkids.

Incidentally, I bought one of those toilet brush thingies in IKEA in my efforts to use less paper, but by the end of the week it had scratched my arse raw, and I've gone back to the Cushelle.

GalaPie said...

I play in an evening sports league that uses a school sports centre. The toilets are often in a horrendous state - socks and other clothes jammed down them on several occasions. The mind boggles. But I don’t think having a communal toilet paper dispenser would make an iota of difference.

Ted Treen said...

If the little buggers can't use a lavatory properly, is that not a reflection on the parents and the way they've dragged up little precious?

Andy5759 said...

Lovely comments. Thank you everyone for brightening my day.

JuliaM said...

"And less likely to block the bog pans with."


"But I don’t think having a communal toilet paper dispenser would make an iota of difference."

No. Getting the culprits to clean the toilets before being allowed home would!