Thursday, 25 June 2015

You Know What Else Is 'Unacceptable'? Blackmail.

Cllr Mulla, a former Blackburn with Darwen Mayor, phoned Nando’s head of customer engagement, David Manly to warn him the London-based Halal Food Authority accreditation used by the company’s suppliers was unacceptable to the LCM.
The HFA allows the stunning of chickens before slaughter, which Cllr Mulla and his organisation believe fails to meet the strict criteria of Islamic law.
The LCM insist on accreditation and inspection by the Leicester-based Halal Monitoring Committee which forbids it.
So? Don't eat there, Mulla.
Cllr Mulla said: “I have been in touch by phone with Mr Manly and told him unless their chicken meets our guidelines, we will not consider it to be Halal.
“In that case we shall urge all East Lancashire Muslims to boycott it which will make it very difficult for the new Blackburn restaurant to trade successfully.
No young Muslims will go there.”
Wanna bet..?
“The HFA permits stunning before slaughter which we believe is un-Islamic. Only restaurants and suppliers certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee are currently acceptable to the LCM.
“I hope they will take account of our views and follow our guidelines for certification if they decide to open the restaurant as halal.”
Look in a dictionary sometime. See what the word 'guidelines' means. Here's a hint: it's not the same as a rule!
But 29-year-old Bastwell shopkeeper Mr Khan, who worships at Randall Street Mosque, said few young Muslims would follow Mr Mulla’’s advice.
He said: “If Nando’s and the HFA say it is Halal, that’s fine by me and I would go in and have a burger or some chicken.
“If Nando’s Blackburn restaurant is accredited by the HFA, I think most young Muslims will eat there. I think the LCM and HMC are over the top on their interpretation of what is and is not Halal.”
Heh! Gosh, once again, we see the squeaky wheel determined to get all the (halal-certified) grease. While everyone else rolls their eyes at the nutter, and gets on with their lives.


Ed P said...

Primitive savages demand extra cruelty to animals shocker!

These people are lower than dogs - we should resist all their attempts to destroy civilisation and impose the standards of the middle ages.

Anonymous said...


Dear Mr Mulla, eat somewhere else then, such as another country or better still a boat with no engine in the mid-Atlantic and no form of communication.

John M said...

Nice to see the LCM is doing it's bit for the positive promotion of Islam, intercommunity relations, and promoting az tolerant society.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Don't they mean hellal? It must be hell for the poor beasts subjected to this inhumane bullshit practice. Shame on Nando's for their rank dhimmitude.

JuliaM said...

"Dear Mr Mulla, eat somewhere else then, such as another country or better still a boat with no engine in the mid-Atlantic and no form of communication."

I'll start a crowdfunder!