Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It’s Time A Stand Was Taken…

The Rockinghorse children’s charity called off the fundraising event at Hove Greyhound Stadium – after greyhound activists waged a vicious social media campaign.
Activists sent a series of aggressive messages to the charity’s staff on social media – including making a vile joke about going to the hospital “to bet on the children’s lives”.
Several other supporters “liked” the comment.
We’re going to see more and more of this. Why? Because it works

And part of the reason it works is because there’s a general lack of backbone:
Rockinghorse chief executive officer Ryan Heal branded their comments “despicable” .
He said he had no choice but to cancel the event – which was being held to raise money to buy a vital cardiac monitor for the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.
No, he had a choice. He could have simply ignored them. Internet blowhards are ten-a-penny, but rarely do more than bitch and whine electronically. This chap should have realised this.
“When we received messages, including that the activists should go to the baby unit and bet on which baby ‘would and would not make it’ (by way of a comparison to greyhound race betting), we knew we were dealing with dangerous individuals and felt enough was enough.
“As we don’t know how far their abuse will go, we feel it best to cancel the event and have them deal with the fallout of their ‘campaign’ that has resulted in approximately £5,000 not being raised for our cause, which would have purchased a cardiac monitor for the children’s emergency department at the Royal Alex.”
Nonsense! If you really thought they were ‘dangerous people’, why didn’t you report them to the police? You claim to have considered it, after all:
The charity even consulted Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne over whether to report the matter to police – but decided against it.
*sighs* And so they get to claim a victory. Just like the loons targeting Caffé Nero.

It’s time people threatened by these idiots grew a spine and started pushing back.

H/T: @splendjoel via Twitter


microdave said...

"Why didn’t you report them to the police?"

Let's face it - their main focus these days is "Hate Crime". This must surely fit into that category?

The Jannie said...

True, MD. If it's on Farcebox there are bound to be a few well-polished police arses willing to pounce.

Anonymous said...

A few years back the radio station I work for did a promotional tie up with the Greyhound Racing Association and even had a sponsored dog that ran at Wimbledon Stadium.

Inevitably they were bombarded with complaints from do-gooding nutters, but as this was in the pre-social media days it was all behind the scenes. My bosses compared the complaints from the nutters with the information supplied by the GRA via their PR company about animal welfare and the fate of dogs that finish their careers. They noted that the number of 'destroyed' dogs claimed by the animal obsessives was wildly at odds with the numbers of dogs registered in training, and the reason they weren't being re-homed after retirement was because they never existed in the first place.

The loonies were told to get back in their box and ignored. Wouldn't happen now sadly.

JS said...


Another one for your "women never lie about rape" file:

"Woman who had sex with 14-year-old boy is jailed"

Buried deep in the article (this is the Guardian after all) is the almost throw-away line "When their relationship came to light she tried to delete the messages they had exchanged and told a friend and the investigating police that the victim had raped her."

So she was prepared to see a 14 year old boy banged up and branded a rapist for life in order to save herself.

What a class act.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike violence I`m starting to think that the way to deal with these activist SJW types is just to wait till they show up to an event and then batter the shit out of them,for far too long they`ve had the monopoly on intimidation and aggression and the lack of resistance they`ve encountered has made them arrogant and now they think they`re both right and bulletproof and as a result their causes are just getting absurd now.

Bill in st louis said...

How do you consult about internet threats with the police and NOT report it?

JuliaM said...

"This must surely fit into that category?"

Probably arrest the promoter for provoking the nutters!

"The loonies were told to get back in their box and ignored. Wouldn't happen now sadly."

Back then, people had backbone... :(

"So she was prepared to see a 14 year old boy banged up and branded a rapist for life in order to save herself. "

A future Labour politician.