Monday, 8 June 2015

The Sort Of ‘Enrichment’ Billy Bragg Fled To Dorset To Avoid…

…it won’t be his daughters paying the price of his love of progressivism and multiculturalism, will it?
A serial rapist who preyed on women as they walked through parks late at night has been found unanimously guilty.
Daniel Elliott screamed at one of his victim's family "what are you looking at, yeah, what are you looking at me for?" after the verdicts had been announced.
The Sutton Guardian can now report that Elliott, 24, of Rosewell Close, Anerley, had only recently been released from a young offender institution for raping an exchange student in 2010.
The soft justice so beloved of the progressives means this – more innocent victims. Never forget that.
Sentencing is set to take place on Friday, June 19.
Why the delay? Is it because even the usual suspects are going to find it hard to come up with mitigation for this one?


MTG said...

Love the pout, cannibal hairdo, attitude and "Is you looking at me?"

A just punishment could be riot inducing. The Judge will surely consider the safer option of "Prison clearly isn't working and you are hereby sentenced to a ticking-off and consecutive safari holiday with maid service."

Anonymous said...


Just hang the bastard, he will do it for the rest of his life given the opportunity, so end it. I am torn between bungee and piano wire, perhaps a mix of both.

Anonymous said...

Billy Bragg? Ugh !

Andy said...

I went to the Stranglers concert in Battersea Park when Red Ken lifted the ban on them playing in public. Billy Bragg supported, his set lasted five minutes. Beer cans were thrown at him, full beer cans, big full beer cans - do you remember the big Watneys four pint cans? He was, is and always be a cnut. As for the young rapist, there is really no fitting punishment which could be meted out by a civilised people, so just execute him.

Anonymous said...

What has this to do with Billy Bragg, apart from in the sense that all white liberal tossers are responsible for scumbags getting out of jail when they shouldn't? Sorry if I've missed something obvious.

JuliaM said...

"A just punishment could be riot inducing."

Let 'em riot. How would we tell the difference, except the body count would probably fall?

"Beer cans were thrown at him, full beer cans, big full beer cans - do you remember the big Watneys four pint cans?"


"What has this to do with Billy Bragg..."

He's the Bard of Barking, who supports multiculturalism and loves what Barking has become under it.

Not, however, enough to live there.