Tuesday, 9 June 2015

But If You're Able Bodied, And The Dog's A Pet...?

Cumbria Constabulary have signed a new service level agreement (SLA) with the charity Guide Dogs in relation to investigating attacks on assistance dogs.
The force has worked closely with the charity in order to ensure that the correct processes are in place and a consistent approach is undertaken across the county.
The SLA follows a legislation introduced in May 2014 which offers greater protection to assistance dogs and their owners. The legislation states that it is an offence to be in charge of a dog that attacks an assistance dog, which is defined as any dog specially trained to assist a blind, deaf or disabled person.
Hmmm. So, since you're now getting a poorer service from the police, can you claim a reduction in your taxes?

If not...why not? Is it because there's no SLA for you to demand?
Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson said: “An attack on a guide dog can have long lasting effects on both the dog itself and its owner. The Constabulary is committed to supporting victims of crime, especially those who are vulnerable.
Aren't we all vulnerable to crime..?
Mark Burnett, Guide Dogs Mobility Team Manager North East and Cumbria, said: "Guide dog owners are less able to protect themselves. A sighted person will see potential danger and take evasive action, but a blind person is unable to do this."
So is an elderly person. Or a wheelchair user. Or a small child. Where's their protection?

Are they too second class citizens for Cumbria Police?
Police & Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said: “I welcome the introduction of this agreement, and the fact that assistance dogs and their owners are to receive greater protection.
This is an important step for those that rely on their dogs to go about their daily lives, and who would be greatly affected if any harm were to come to their dog.”
All you able-bodied grieving owners can just shut up - no SLA for you!

This stinks.


Anonymous said...

It is imperative to sign a local agreement in a blaze of publicity, Julia. And a memorable acronym is certainly a bonus. In Huddersfield, where unsolved lawnmower thefts have rocketed, we have the FATWA which begins at the close of the present doughnut season. Our crime commissioner told reporters that he was pinning his hopes on Fat Arses To Work Again.

Anonymous said...

When you write these posts Melvin do you think they are funny?

Anonymous said...

Waddle it take to see the funny side, Jaded?

andy5759 said...

Most plod are good plod, or start out intending to be good. Unfortunately they are lions led by donkeys. I have had the pleasure to meet some excellent police officers who, to a man, complain loudly about modern police management. You could say that they are jaded.

Anonymous said...

Melvin, if you ever escape the asylum please don't try a career in stand-up comedy.

Bill in St Louis said...

Let me see if I understand this: you have legislation passed to make it a crime for a vicious animal to attack a service animal, even though you already have laws on the books about vicious animals..., and you need a (taxpayer funded) "charity" to sign an agreement with the local cops to make sure that "processes are in place etc"?
Why have you people not started killing people yet?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean Bill, aren't we supposed to kill people? I don't think I read that law. Damn!

I know its good that we have so many useful laws, but if we really aren't supposed to kill people, the government ought to publicise it more clearly so the general public doesn't get it wrong.

Jack. R. Ipper

JuliaM said...

"Most plod are good plod, or start out intending to be good. Unfortunately they are lions led by donkeys."

This continually gets trotted out, but I'm sorry, it's an urban myth. The top brass aren't there on the street with them. They are the first contact.

"Why have you people not started killing people yet?"

Blowed if I know!