Tuesday, 16 June 2015

There's No Failure...

...because this is a free country, and your sibling was over 16:
Evans’s brother expressed concerns that his sibling was able to travel to Egypt. “For him to go to the airport a few months later and get on a plane to Egypt, no questions asked, it just seems like there is a failure somewhere,” he said.
There may well be. But I don't think it's where you're pointing your finger, is it?


MTG said...

"There's No Failure..."
It's not just jihad; a younger generation is reacting here and abroad, to toxic government and the daily lashings of State suppression. Explosive instances of resistance are sure to manifest themselves with increased frequency on our own shores which many will rightly regard as symptoms of failure.

Anonymous said...


A petty criminal converts to Islam, leaves the country, marries a child, probably consummates the wedding and gets killed. Besides the marriage I cannot see anything wrong with this. Perhaps if the execution of petty criminals was introduced we could have saved the trip to Somalia.

Well done the Kenyan military.

Fahrenheit211 said...

The Security Service needs to keep a much closer eye on converts to Islam. My experience of such people is they are often as mad as a box of frogs on a large dose of LSD. People with mental problems who join a death cult like Islam need to be monitored and controlled. Freedom of belief is one thing but should the mad be free to join psychopathic death cults?

Anonymous said...

Somehow this is "authorities" fault? Someone should have done something? Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

State oppression Melv? get a grip man! You really are a deluded fool. Why do all white mozzy converts have ginger beardz?

MTG said...

Perhaps you unquestionably accept the Cameron view, Julia. He publicly blames the narrative...but he must expect those swallowing it, to be blinkered. The extremist narrative is highly attractive to the oppressed, disaffected and those filled with rage. They constitute the group most easily recruited and jihadists offer an afterlife in paradise, the opportunity to access 'answers' and an escape from a resented routine. The gift of an AK-47 and the chance to use it in a battle prophesied 1,400 years ago, promises a greater purpose and meaning to recruits' lives.

But Cameron is taking the easy option...with hot air and blame peddling.

Furor Teutonicus said...

I do not see the problem here. Sending them back is EXACTLY what is needed.

GIVE them the AKs, let them shoot it out between themselves, and when they know who the winner is, we can give them a medal and a loaf of bread, and a job on the oil wells that WE built for them in the first place.

One rule, "You put feet on European soil again, your next present will be a can of purple pellets, droped through the roof vent of that nice concrete shower block."

John M said...

I am almost stumped for words in response to the Mother's statement, but "unbelievable stupidity" sort of comes close.

No wonder he got on a plane. I would be driven to join ISIS with a moron like that for a mother.

JuliaM said...

"...toxic government and the daily lashings of State suppression. "

I know, I don't know how I manage to get to work every morning, fighting through the State suppression...

"Well done the Kenyan military."

I'll stand 'em a round if I'm ever over there!

"The Security Service needs to keep a much closer eye on converts to Islam. "

They do seem, if it's possible, even worse than the normal sort.

"I do not see the problem here. Sending them back is EXACTLY what is needed."

So long as there's no right of return!