Monday, 22 June 2015

Only ‘Might’..?

A dog breeder will be sentenced next month after admitting new charges arising from an attack by his American Bulldogs on a 63-year-old man.
Stephen Potts, who had an arm amputated after himself being attacked by two of his other dogs only a month before, may now face restrictions on his dog ownership.
The fate of six of his dogs is now in doubt as the prosecution may seek destruction orders on those which played a part in the incident, in Low Pittington, near Durham, on October 21 last year.
Yes, it’s this story from last year finally reaching a (sort of) conclusion. The CPS seem to have decided to let him answer to lesser charges, as usual.

Will the judge at least see sense and order the humane destruction of the dangerous beasts?

And have the dogs put down as well?

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