Saturday, 27 June 2015

I, For One, Welcome (And Worship) Our New Cat-Dragon Overlord…

…because she’s true art:

True art provokes an emotional, visceral, appropriate response:

While bad art, well, let Anish Kapoor sob on your shoulder as he tells you:
The vicious voice of the few has commanded too much of the debate, and has resulted in an act of vandalism to the work. I am left with the question about how I should react. Should the paint that has been thrown all over the sculpture be removed? Or should it remain and be part of the work? Does the political violence of the vandalism make Dirty Corner “dirtier”? Does this dirty political act reflect the dirty politics of exclusion, marginalisation, elitism, racism, Islamophobia?
Nope, none of the above. It’s just shit art, mate, that’s all.


Bill Sticker said...

I'm with the Angry Exile, but there's only one problem; not enough virgins.

I'll get me coat....... that old joke has to go back to the Antique shop.

Anonymous said...

'struth - it's straight out of Mordor


JuliaM said...

"... but there's only one problem; not enough virgins."

Thank god they didn't site it outside Essex County Council!

"'struth - it's straight out of Mordor"

It does have that vibe, doesn't it?