Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Inarticulate Generation...

Commenter TDK at David Thompson's blog passes on this little gem about the weird and wonderful Kafka-exceeding goings-on at Amherst College.

It's not a fun read, mainly because the story is so depressing and now becoming so familiar, and also because... well, this passage stands our:
Once the hearing began, AS repeatedly presented herself as too traumatized to articulate her thoughts verbally. (She had no such problem, according to Kurker’s report, when the investigator asked her questions.) Asked whether the two went to her room voluntarily to hook up, AS replied, “Yes. Well—although in would like to say that I did feel some—I did like well feel like well some—I did . . . I did like well feel like well some like . . . well . . . some like . . . like . . . some like well pressure to do so.
Panel member Hamako wondered about this “pressure,” which AS hadn’t previously mentioned, yielding this response: “So as we were making out in the common room, so some of the students there, so I think, so I think, so I think, [another student] included, were just like, well, chanting like well, things about me. Like, like, like, like, I mean, like, like, I mean, like, I mean like this, I mean like, I mean like, I mean like slut, and like that kind of thing. And they also like told us, get a room, so, yeah.” How that reaction (even if accurate) could be held against Doe was left unclear, since Hamako didn’t follow up.
I'm not so sure it's a put-on, though. We do seem to be educating a generation that cannot express themselves verbally.

And I wonder if that's not more frightening than what's being done to the rule of law!


James Higham said...

Shall add this to the post at OoL.

wpc jilted said...

as you got it in pitchers four me illastratid police gasset julia

Anonymous said...


I followed the link and commented on the actual piece, however all my thought process led up to the same question, how did this bunch of cretins get into this position of responsibility? The college now has a massive risk of the accused getting serious amounts in damages, which by what was written seems not only appropriate but highly likely. What I didn't raise and it has just occurred to me, what is the personal liability of these people? Surely there is some? It would be good if we could see people like this actually receive some direct effect of their actions, which I believe is happening to the person who acted in the accused's defence. That entire tribunal should be subject to some form of tribunal and disciplinary actions themselves.

Red Admiral said...

Why is a campus body trying what appears to be a criminal case? Surely they should report the allegation to the police and let them take it from there?

Mac the Knife said...

Inarticulate? Nonsense...

Andy said...

Mac, do please tell me that the video is a spoof. My Lord, that's shocking. How can any rational argument prevail against that?

TDK said...

Here is a woman who sleeps with her room mate's boyfriend. He, and the judging panel agree with this, was blacked out during the proceedings. Immediately after she contacts another person telling them she made a mistake. Was this because she let down her roommate? She then contacts another male for a second hook up. The SMS records exist

As Darlene Click wrote:

So if the female has at anytime in the evening had one drink, she is incapable of consenting to sex, but a man who is passed out and has sex performed on him is never the victim of sexual assault. Indeed, he is a “rapist” by default

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Probably a chronic sufferer of BWV.

JuliaM said...

"The college now has a massive risk of the accused getting serious amounts in damages, which by what was written seems not only appropriate but highly likely."

Which means we'll see more of it. Depressing, eh?

"Why is a campus body trying what appears to be a criminal case?"

Because the real courts demand oppressive thing. Like 'real proof'. The meanies!

"Inarticulate? Nonsense.."

Good grief!

" The SMS records exist"

See, there you go, with that 'proof' stuff again! Good job this isn't real court, eh?