Monday, 1 June 2015

Adding Insult To Injury…

The court heard Haroon was studying for an NVQ in car repairs.
Judge Timothy Mort jailed Haroon for six years. He will serve half his sentence at a young offenders’ institute before being released on licence.
So three years of soft justice before early release? Not much for a life needlessly snuffed out, is it?
The white Audi was hired using another man’s driving licence, which was reported stolen.
Manchester Crown Court at Minshull Street was told Haroon - who only had a provisional licence - tried to flee the scene in a taxi after the smash.
He repeatedly denied to police that he was at the wheel - even though he boasted to friends in text messages that he expected to serve only one year behind bars.
Haroon also bragged in another message: “I was unlucky with those lights.”
We were all unlucky. Unlucky it wasn’t you lying dead in the wreckage, instead of the innocent motorist.


Anonymous said...


Undoubtedly he will discover Islam when in the nick and will be welcomed into the 'community' despite being a murdering bastard. A bloke who worked and contributed to society killed by petty criminal.

Lord T said...

He will get his NVQ and more at our expense then get a decent job given to him when he gets out by an ex prisoner scheme over some guy trying to make an honest living and following the rules.

JuliaM said...

"Undoubtedly he will discover Islam when in the nick..."

Going purely on the name, it's not unknown to him now...

"...then get a decent job given to him when he gets out by an ex prisoner scheme..."

If the Baby P killer can.... :/