Saturday, 13 June 2015

Another ‘B’ Ark Graduate…

A campaigner and artist has launched a new site that hopes to make Google’s image search results more diverse.
At the moment, a search for most generic body parts — like “cute baby” or “arm” — shows people and bodies that are almost entirely white.
But as part of a project named World White Web, Johanna Burai hopes to change that.
Because accuracy – if you want a picture of an arm, would you care what colour it was? – is irrelevant, when someone has an axe to grind, clearly…
The almost entirely white results are part of the way that the internet and culture think of whiteness as neutral or the norm, Burai told the Fader. “This is a crystal clear example of how the norm of whiteness manifests itself—the white body is neutral,” she said.
“The search result is just one example of how being white is a norm in society. A lot of people choose to turn a blind eye to the privileges you get simply by being white, as well as to the systematic racism experienced by people of color in their everyday lives.”
*rolls eyes* Good lord, can this tired old boilerplate be assigned to just about anything?

And shouldn’t the daft mare be hounded for referring to ‘people of colour’, like Benedict Cumberbatch, or the founder of Molton Brown?

She'd get away with it if she was one herself!


Anonymous said...


I don't think that the woman has worked out that if you are based in the UK, you will use and the results will reflect the majority of the population, which is the indigenous white population. This provides two options, the first is to move somewhere where you are part of the majority population if it upsets you that more people are white overall in the UK. The second is to use or another google site.

Amazing that idiots like this can actually write and string a sentence together.

Ted Treen said...

A self-important Swedish graphic designer who's so precious and so far up herself that she can probably lick her tonsils from below.

I admit, it took a Google search to find that out.

I suspect she needs the publicity.

Greencoat said...

It's because most of the black body parts get eaten by other blacks.

Anonymous said...

Could you not just specify what colour arm you wanted in your search?


Flaxen Saxon said...

I have to agree with Anom on this one. Simply specify body part and colour and there you have it. To be honest, I'm a fan of the default setting. Don't know why- just the way I am, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

and this week we have that American bird in Spokane who is white but has pretended to be mixed race for years.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Nah, by her own admission she's clearly a "D" Ark alumni.

JuliaM said...

"I don't think that the woman has worked out that..."

I don't think she ever has. For anything!

"I suspect she needs the publicity."

I suspect you're right...

"and this week we have that American bird in Spokane who is white but has pretended to be mixed race for years."

Poor girl, voluntarily putting herself through all that racism & discrimination...

"by her own admission she's clearly a "D" Ark alumni."

We're gonna have to build the whole alphabet!