Thursday, 18 June 2015

*Tunes Up Nano-Violin*

Islamic terrorists feel they are being bullied by staff at Thamesmead’s Belmarsh prison, according to inspectors.
Gosh, really? Well, I can hardly type this for the tears in my eyes…
According to the report, prisoners are also 'very dissatisfied' with the food at the prison.
Shame! They should be dining on the finest halal fillet steak! What’s the world coming to?
HM chief inspector of prisons, Nick Hardwick reported these issues may have been linked to gang and terrorism-related offences but the prison needed to do more to understand and address this.
His report states: "Too many prisoners reported feeling unsafe.
"Many felt victimised by other prisoners and a significant proportion of prisoners from black and ethnic minority backgrounds and muslim prisoners told us they had been intimidated by the staff."
You know who doesn’t feel ‘unsafe’, Nick ol’ boy? Us law-abiding people.
Belmarsh has recently begun to hold remanded young adults who would previously have been held in a Young Offenders Institute.
Mr Hardwick's report states: "Levels of violence have increased since the arrival of young adults.
"The prison had not taken appropriate action to monitor or address effectively the issues presented by these prisoners."
Let ‘em kill each other. Better them, than us.


Bill in st louis said...

Is it possible that this is all lip service? The islamic/minority. .. feel unsafe.... gang related... lessons will be learned etc. While the prison guards and overseers just sit back and enjoy the show?

Anonymous said...

We could always transfer the dissatisfied Muslims to a prison where they would feel more at home, amongst others of their kind and religion. They could have a choice of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia or even Yemen. Then, those prisoners who proudly proclaim their African heritage could be moved to Kinshasa, Nairobi, or Cameroon. The possibilities are endless in our attempt to make those poor, victimised, souls feel safer.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hardwick is either a cynical lying bastard, pushing his left of centre agenda as usual or a terminally naive, stupid tosser. The reality is that blemish is stuffed full of islamists and THEY run the prison, not the staff, the inmates do!

John Tee said...

Muslims: always the victim.

JuliaM said...

"Is it possible that this is all lip service?"

Nope, our soft-hearted (and headed) prison inspectorate really believe this nonsense.

"They could have a choice of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia or even Yemen."


"Muslims: always the victim."