Thursday, 11 June 2015

"It’s OK, He’s A White Dude!"

The shooting of Mr Fischer, 35, has sparked widespread controversy and concern and accusations about the behaviour of the officers.
Not, of course, that it’s the sort of ‘controversy’ that provokes anguished CiF columns and statements from the President of the US. Guess why…?
At a press conference, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol released footage showing two men – brothers Nehemiah Fischer and Brandon - wading throw (sic) a flooded area towards two officers. The footage apparently shows Nehemiah Fischer grabbing an officer and throwing him to be the ground. He is then shot.
Well, that’s hardly surprising then. Just as these five cases that the ‘Guardian’ expects us all to shed a tear for are hardly surprising. Point a gun (or a gun-like object) at an armed cop, expect to get shot.
Mr Fischer’s father, JR Fischer, told the AP that the behaviour did not sound like that of his son, who was an assistant pastor at a Tulsa church and who studied the bible daily.
It never does, does it?
Mr Fischer’s brother, Brandon, 41, was arrested on complaints of assaulting a police officer and public intoxication. “If my son would have known that this was an officer, he would have never assaulted him,” said the father.
So if he’d thought he was someone else, he’d be ok about assaulting him?


Anonymous said...

So glad the shoot-first, psycho cops are all blasting away on other shores...oh, wait!

MTG said...

Just blast away at citizens whenever you feel threatened. Littlejohn's latest controversy in the Mail proposes that police victims are simply 'casualties of war'.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Is that the same JR Fischer who wrote the seminal handbook "Fly Hartleying"?

JuliaM said...

"Just blast away at citizens whenever you feel threatened. "

If those citizens obey commands, they won't need to, will they?

"Is that the same JR Fischer who wrote the seminal handbook "Fly Hartleying"?"