Sunday, 2 December 2018

Looking To Challenge The Dear Old 'Grauniad', Are We?

The word is 'barbarous'.


Ted Treen said...

Why do these leftie SJWs get such a self-righteous smugness when applying their attitudes to events of 80+ years ago? Could it be that the dead are easier targets who don't argue back?

Longrider said...

Ted, even eighty years ago, people were horrified at such an obvious miscarriage of justice. I'm not sure that reburying her remains achieves anything though.

Libertarian said...

She should not have been hanged, as Bywaters was the killer, but she did write a number of incriminating letters.

The description of her hanging is very distressing.


Longrider said...

Rowdy - quite right And Bywaters took full responsibility for the killing. The letters were clearly a fantasy. Hanging someone for a fantasy was pretty repugnant even in the 1920s.