Tuesday, 4 December 2018

There's Always A 'Butt' Somewhere...

A Labour councillor who failed to declare an interest in two properties her husband rents out when she was responsible for punishing rogue landlords has apologised.
Well, well, well....
Cllr Laila Butt breached Barking and Dagenham Council’s code of conduct three times after failing to register financial interests in properties in Strathfield Gardens and St Awdry’s Road, Barking. The first property did not appear on a compulsory private landlord register, breaching council requirements.
Cllr Butt said at a council meeting on Wednesday: “I am apologising willingly and believe it is the right thing to do.”
Why would anyone expect you to know what that is...?!
The local authority’s standards sub-committee recommended the councillor for Abbey ward take an opportunity to apologise and carry out training in the code of conduct.
You need 'training' to be honest?


Anonymous said...

"I'm apologising for getting caught but it's my culture innit" #keithvaz


Fahrenheit211 said...

B and D used to be a reasonable place, then it got hit by Labour's 'enrichment' fetish

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there another problem with a racemonger the other day just on your page.

Whatever the situation is, these Butts are painful.