Friday, 24 July 2020

Civil (Servant) War!

The Mail on Sunday understands the issue has been raised all the way up to Treasury Permanent Secretary Tom Scholar, but has been met with derision by Ministers.
And no, it seems they don't all think that way. Because just down the road in Whitehall...
Iain Bell, deputy national statistician at the Office for National Statistics, said he was learning about ‘my white privilege and how that looks to others’ and expressed regret that a Census question on ethnicity had caused offence.
Elsewhere in his email, he described the vital role of the ONS in ‘shining a light on today’s society’, but added that ‘too often the collection of... statistics is done with only White People in the virtual room’. He signed off his note: ‘Black Lives Matter!’
Is he cheered on by the quislings under him? Reader, not all of them:
...some staff claim his email is at odds with the principle of Civil Service impartiality...
One staff member claimed: ‘The ONS is completely divided and the saga won’t go away. People are in absolute shock that he can stand by the actions of BLM.’
Well, well, well. There may be hope after all.


Anonymous said...

Next this useful idiot will start to massage the statistics and data to show "systemic racism" and "bias".

Ed P said...

He's a bit of a Bell-end

Anonymous said...

The UK today is one of the least racist and most fare counties in the world. If the present shower of absolute rubbish continues to pour out of government and the media sadly the backlash they cause will destroy all the good work of the last 50 years.

Doonhamer said...

We is all black, or even Black.
We agree that the progeny of a person of colour and any other race is Black.
And so on ad infinitum.
Examples are many but Barack Hussain and Sparkles are prominent.
The human race originated in Africa, not that many generations ago, and they were persons of colour.
So we is all Black.
Except perhaps the lizards from other planets.
I always put Mixed Race, undefined, if asked. Which is true if you consider all the migrations, invasions and other race mixing events in history and pre-history.

ivan said...

Sounds like the idiot isn't fit for the job he has especially since he subscribes to the Burn, Loot, Murder agenda.

jannerfish said...

It's true we are fare.

JuliaM said...

"He's a bit of a Bell-end"


"The UK today is one of the least racist and most fare counties in the world."

Well, quite! Otherwise why would so many break the law to get here?