Friday 10 January 2014

What Hope For ‘The Black Community’..?

…with politicians like David Lammy elected to represent them:
… there are aspects of this verdict that are perplexing and seemingly contradictory to those of who us who have carefully followed the proceedings over recent months …
Because watching the news and reading ‘The Guardian’ is exactly like being in the jury box…

And if that isn't bad enough, his colleague Diane Abbott’s Tweet makes him seem like a Mastermind contestant!
The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP, Diane Abbott, said she was baffled by the jury's finding, which she said would raise a lot of questions in the local community.
Writing on Twitter, Abbott said: "If the Duggan jury believe that he did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot, how can they find it was a lawful killing? baffled."
Yes. She's 'baffled'. Well, she's not really, because surely even she isn't that dim - she just can't bring herself to do the decent thing, the thing she was elected to do, because she knows that her 'constituency' will no longer vote for her if she does.

But back to Lammy:
The frustration at what is perceived as a lack of justice will be shared by a close-knit local community that has previously endured suffering following the killings of Cynthia Jarrett, Roger Sylvester and Joy Gardner at the hands of the police.
Really, Lammy? I mean, really?

Cynthia Jarrett - heart failure which, given her size, could as easily have happened at a bingo night as a police house search

Roger Sylvester - cannabis induced delirium while being restrained

Joy Gardner - asylum overstayer who resisted arrest and suffocated while being restrained to prevent her biting officers

The problems that 'the black community' (or rather the vocal minority and their hangers-on & enablers) keep claiming to experience in the pages of the 'Guardian' and 'Indy' would be alleviated somewhat if they were represented by honest, decent politicians, instead of cynical race-baiting scoundrels...


Fahrenheit211 said...

The sort of 'community leaders' that the Black community have too often not done their own community any favours whatsoever. If I was black and I thought that people like me were being represented in the media by the likes of those who've turned out to sing the praises of scumbag Duggan, I'd want to paint myself blue with red polkadots because of shame.

Julia, although the police have been implicated in a few wrongful custody deaths of both black and white suspects, you are correct in your explanations of the 'dog whistle' cases that you listed above.

BTW You know the kids of Tottenham are doomed when you look at the advertising flags outside the local FE college. The ones praising 'diversity' and 'respect' and 'equality' and stuff like that, outnumber the ones that say 'learn'.

You just know that what passes for education in this establishment would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

Anonymous said...

Clearly in the 'black commooonitee' some must be more equal than others and division, rather than integration, must be encouraged to maintain the status quo, keep the grants coming, the workshop facilitators in pay and the legal aid rolling in. The response to this waste of time and money was utterly predictable and disgraceful. The threat of rioting was there whatever the verdict. How many times over the past 40 years must our society listen to the bleatings of 'black people' despite our collective back being bent over so far to near snapping point and the billions of pounds down the drain as 'they' refuse to take any collective responsibility.

Anyone watch BBC3's 'Tough Young Teachers last night? There you have it. No hope at all.

Robert the Biker said...

The problems with the black infestation (I refuse to call a pack of murderous ululating baboons a community)is that they have swallowed so much of the liberal and socialist koolaid that they now believe `Dey all owes us` There must be no criticism of behaviour or resistance to thuggery because `dat bes raciss `
Here is a clue for the ever fragrant Dianne - If Whites ever really were against you, your survival time as a race would be measurable in minutes.
Sick and tired of the buggers.

Joe Public said...

What a racist list from Lammy.

Unfortunate incidents happen to whiteys too, as Harry Stanley & Jean Charles de Menezes discovered to their cost.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

There must be many in the Black communities who have long been aware that the likes of David Lammy and Diane Abbott actually prolong the colour issue. I'd go as far as saying that they coldly use their coloured brethren as no more than a convenient and effortless method of furthering their own ambitions. Those who disagree with my opinion would say that, without the likes of Lammy and Flabbot the Black communities would have been essentially left to rot, with the creation of ghettos and increased crime an obvious consequence. Well, no they wouldn't actually. Believe what you like when the Grauniad accuses any other party than Labour of heartlessly depriving all those who don't fit their preferred demographic - that's just bollocks and we all know it. Politicians aside, there are quite enough fair minded and articulate folk in this Country to demand that everyone gets a fair chance to make something of themselves, whatever their background. The difference being that these people champion the cause because it's right and fair, rather than because it increases their chances of more publicity or more money and power.

If we'd done this back in 1997 when Blair swore to make equality work for everyone, we'd have been looking at a whole different scenario - but that wouldn't have given him the comfort of expecting all the Black vote at the next election - when they were needed to paper over the cracks that were appearing.

@RTB "ululating baboons" I nearly cracked a rib :0) but I'd suggest that you are labelling the wrong group - the ones you think are the "ululating baboons" are merely the sheep - or, if you want to continue the theme, the rest of the troop - placidly going about their daily business while the alphas screech their challenges from the highest rocky outcrop - or the benches of Parliament.

Robert the Biker said...

Perfectly right, thing is, as an old sod, I can remember driving around Georgia and Louisiana with my parents in the early sixties. We lived in Canada and it was quite a cheap travelling hliday with all sorts of beautiful scenery.
There were black families living in some cases in tarpaper roofed shacks, but they ALL had a nice car out front, often an older Caddy. They ALL had two parents, or at very least the grandparents lent a very stern hand. They ALL had well behaved children, and those children were NEVER dirty. The children went to school, and were happy at the chances they had. I can remember thinking how that black community had things far better sorted than some of their white neighbours. So, fifty years on, we have third generation welfare scum, rampant criminality and "you owes us"
Why do I not think "whitey" is to blame for any of this crap?

The Blocked Dwarf said...

"how can they find it was a lawful killing?"

If Mz.Abbot really can't get her head round the legal distinctions between 'lawful' and 'unlawful' killings she has no business sitting in the place were such laws are made.

Someone in da 'hood' or the 'community' should have reminded Duggan that 'hands up!' means your E M P T Y hands. It wasn't 'death by cop' but 'Death by Twitter Feed' (I assume he was tweeting his lawyer). It really isn't a difficult concept. When Armed Police in Europe stop me then I reach into my jacket for my passport with two fingers. When in a country where the traffic cops carry guns and a police car pulls me over then I wind down my window and put both hands in plain view. I don't LUNGE towards the glove box for my papers and I wouldn't have my black shiny cellphone in my hand -pointing out the window to get a signal.

Personally I thought the judgement sounded eminently sensible, just, fair and better than many we've heard recently.

Anonymous said...

Politicians have to `look` concerned. Even with all the info/intel on the dead guy they find it easier to skip around that dark side. Incidentally, he could have reduced his chances of stopping a police 9mm round megafold,had he taken up a job as a window cleaner/van driver/bus driver/big issue seller/anything but what he was. Lets discuss that please, Muzz Abbott....

Antisthenes said...

Under the law the killing of Duggan was totally lawful and the jury verdict a correct one. His family are screaming blue murder that the verdict was wrong which should tell any right minded person that they have intellect and reasoning ability issues. That giving such people air time either the one we watch and listen to or breath is a waste of resources, time and space. However if they had complained that the police had used the situation to rid the world of a scum bag and shot him not caring if he was holding a gun or not then they may have had a point and would elicit from me some sympathy. The circumstances do point to the killing of him being a bit iffy. And as past and recent events are telling us the police have a tendency towards incompetence, stupidity and corrupt practices I for one would sleep easier if all their transgressions were exposed and punished.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...


And as past and recent events are telling us the police have a tendency towards incompetence, stupidity and corrupt practices I for one would sleep easier if all their transgressions were exposed and punished

Yes, I suspect a certain Andrew Mitchell might be right with you on this one :0)

We all seem to have lost sight of the fact that the Police serve us - not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

Fahrenheit 211, Duggan was what's euphemistically called 'mixed race' so maybe just go for the blue or the dots but not both ?

It can't be long before Ma Duggan and Aunt are elevated to the House of Lords.
Maybe as part of Dhimmitudinous Dave's farewell honours list.

Mr. Morden said...

Duggan chose a life of a 'gangsta' and his family, friends, and just about anyone on Broadwater Farm Est. knew this. His closest associate are doing time for murder and attempted murder, and he was arrested and questioned on those but later released due to lack of evidence.

The Police, rightly or wrongly took a man's life, but why ? Because he was known to them and believed that he was going to carryout another act of violence, possibly with a fire arm, so they acted.

It has been alleged, that his last tweet on this earth just came before he was shot, was to do with the Police and Trident - Trident is the name given to the operation to 'prevent' black-on-black crime. It was created to stop people like him, killing people.

Whatever you might think of the Police, I'd say, Job done !

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be a community leader.How do you get that job?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Lee Jasper's tweets?

Incitement to riot.

JuliaM said...

"The sort of 'community leaders' that the Black community have too often not done their own community any favours whatsoever."

And right on cue, in the 'Guardian' this morning, a bit more rabble-rousing by The Rev Al... :/

"Anyone watch BBC3's 'Tough Young Teachers last night? "

Not yet, but I taped it.

"What a racist list from Lammy."

Showing his true concerns...

"If Mz.Abbot really can't get her head round the legal distinctions between 'lawful' and 'unlawful' killings..."

She can, I'm sure of it. She's just playing to the Tottenham community. You know, the community she wants her own children to avoid.

That 'racism of low expectations' is applied by non-white people too.

JuliaM said...

"I'd like to be a community leader.How do you get that job?"

From what I've seen these last few days, you have to have as many chips on your shoulders as you've clearly shovelled into your gaping maw...

"Have you seen Lee Jasper's tweets?

Incitement to riot."

And most of the Left-wing press right along with him...