Tuesday 28 January 2014

If Twelve Angry Men Won’t Do…

…we should try … fifteen?
In an unusual move, three extra jurors are to be sworn in on top of the usual panel of 12.
How very curious...
They have been told to ignore any newspaper reports they may have seen when the first trial began in December.
Isn't that rather like being told ‘Don’t think of an elephant!’..?


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX His second trial has started today at Hull Crown Court after the first one collapsed for legal reasons. XX

It is NOT a second trial, because the first was never completed. No decision, no trial.

As to the 15.

Reserve jurors? I believe it is common practice in parts of the States to heve sworn jury members "sit in," for the event a juror for some reason is removed, or can not continue.

However, WHEN did that reach Britain whilkst no bastard told any one?

Ed P said...

It's normal practice here in the UK to have 15, from which 12 are selected. But if any of the 12 become incapable in the initial stages of the trial, the others are available to replace them

JuliaM said...

I've heard of the 'reserve juror' option, but only in the US - I didn't know we did it here too.