Thursday 16 January 2014

Spotted A Trapped Wild Animal? Who Ya Gonna Call?

Well, just don't make it the RSPCA:
RSPCA inspector Zenon Brown (Ed: FFS!), who arrived to rescue the struggling creature, said she was not able to access the property and had no option but to humanely euthanase the fox.
See, they'll fetch the police to break your door down if there's a camera crew around, but if there isn't, and it looks like it might be a bit too much like hard work too late at night, well, they'll just shoot it.
"These situations can be avoided if people were to remove or raise netting when it is not in use and store it away in a shed or garage. We would urge anyone with netting on their property to check it regularly for trapped wildlife."
Why, you need more target practice?

And no, pets aren't exempt from the RSPCA's idea of 'care' either.

I repeat, never, ever, EVER give these vile bastards money...


Woman on a Raft said...

Canine Rescue - the charity that saved him from Bulgaria.

Nooooo.....this cannot be a charity. We do not need to import disabled doggies. But apparently it is, and it is not the only one. This is no. 1152283

the independent vets spoke to the Police, who seized him on veterinary advice and legally signed him over to the RSPCA's care.

This does not ring true. It is not for the police to seize a dog which is being treated by a vet and handed over to the RSPCA. Why not hand it to the Dogs' Trust? what is this tosh about the police 'legally' signing it to the RSPCA? It isn't their to sign. Have they not got burglars and rapists to chase - if they were involved, which I rather doubt. They can't go getting involved in disputes about when to euthanize an animal when they refuse to act for humans who claim their relatives are being slaughtered in hospital.

Nobody was being cruel to the dog. They were just trying to salvage an animal which had probably gone past that point. Five vets gave their opinion, so what, it is only an opinion. The sixth vet said that it would take oodles of money which apparently the charity is willing to pay out.

Personally, I'd have done the hammer and bag thing way back in Bulgaria, but so long as they aren't asking me to fund it, it's not my business either.

I can see I'm going to have to blog on the difference between cruelty and suffering.

In general, the RSPCA should be treated like a monastery. Roof off, liquidate assets, perhaps allow the re-foundation of a very tightly defined activity.

Carol said...

It might be an idea to have a little look at the previous history of "Xenon Brown".

Some have mentioned that the RSPCA are allegedly happy to have convicted ex-armed robbers train for 12 or is it 16 weeks now to gain the right to wear the toy police uniform and pips.

How is it possible for an RSPCA charity worker to "humanely" put down any animal? A few years ago there was supposedly an investigation into the RSPCA allowing their workers to carry Sodium Pentobarbitol and use it to kill animals. The RCVS stated that only vets should have access to this drug and it should not be carried or used by RSPCA staff.

I wonder what method Xenon used?
A struggling and terrified fox, tangled in netting wouldn't be the ideal candidate for giving an intravenous lethal injection to.

Maybe another method was used?
Maybe a badly aimed hit in the skull from a captive bolt pistol followed by brain pithing of the usually still conscious and thrashing animal, using perhaps an old biro?

Or maybe the fox was off'd by the illegal method of heart stick without sedation?

...and he killed the animal "through the fence"

It's time that the Xenon Browns of this world and there are many of them working for the RSPCA were stripped of their pretend police uniforms and their "right" to kill any animal they are incapable of rescuing.

I have just shown this story to a friend who works in wildlife rescue and rehab. He is very surprised that Xenon didn't make use of a slip rope over the muzzle then a proper muzzle to reduce the risk of tearing a hole in Xenon's precious uniform.

I have witnessed my friend rescue animals in a far worse tangle than the fox in the picture. Without fuss, with common sense and much experience, it can be done.

Death seems to be the only thing the RSPCA train their charity workers to cause.

JuliaM said...

"Nooooo.....this cannot be a charity. We do not need to import disabled doggies. But apparently it is.."

I'm thinking of starting one myself - it seems to be a licence to steal money from the gullible!

"Death seems to be the only thing the RSPCA train their charity workers to cause."

And they aren't so fussed about cleaning up after themselves either.