Monday 13 January 2014

Top Marks To Tesco!

I mean, they shouldn't have pleased poverty, obviously. They should have simply said 'No. We aren't paying AGAIN for you to do the job you're already paid to do'...
Dozens of businesses in St James’s Street area of Brighton have signed up to the city’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership as a way to club together and reduce antisocial behaviour for the greater good.
But, despite its parent company making a profit of more than £1 billion a year, the local Tesco Express told community activists it could not afford the cost.
So...what would Tesco have got for their money?
Steve Parry, who sits on the St James’s Community Action Group Policing Working Group, wrote to the firm’s chief executive Philip Clarke. The letter in Mr Parry’s name said: “We have in Brighton and Hove, as in many other parts of the UK, a Business Crime Reduction Partnership that is extremely effective.
“As with most areas having similar demographics to ours we have a serious problem with shoplifting and associated antisocial behaviour, largely centred on drug and alcohol abuse.
“We are making progress but this is hindered by the lack of support from a very limited number of traders.
When information is shared between retailers within the BCRP it is most effective when used by all shops in the area. Unfortunately Tesco Express on St James’ Street is one of the few businesses declining to work with the local community and, worse of all, has stated that the reason for not joining the BCRP is one of cost (£8 + VAT per week).
And why should it cost anything to share information? What's the money they extort actually paying for? Is it so a better class of biscuit can be enjoyed at these BCRP meetings?

Shouldn't that be the thing raising the ire of 'local campaigners'?


Robert the Biker said...

I should think the cost alluded to is the likely demands for com pen say shun if and when some scuzzy n'er do well is chucked out of Tesco and then automatically barred from all local shops. The scum lawyers who take this human shit as clients go for the deepest pockets. My theiving twat of a drug addled client had his yuman rights abused yer worship, how dare they expect him to act like a person!

The Blocked Dwarf said...

"pleased poverty"

Pleaded? Swype wins again?

Bucko said...

Is this just a fancy protection racket?

ivan said...

"Nice shop you've got there Gov, be a pity if anything were to happen to it." To which it appears that Tesco replied they had their own bouncers and insurance - end of story.

Where do these slime-balls get the ides that they can do anything about policing in their area?

Anonymous said...

Slightly OT, a waddle arsed PCSO came into my shop when it first opened eight months ago.

She went through the nicities of welcome and then asked whether I would be interested in joining an email based (admittedly apparently free) initiative to alert shopkeepers of any local thieving activity.

Naturally I said yes and gave her my business email address. "I'll be in touch" said she.

Crickets . . .

Complete and utter waste of space and taxpayers money. I pass her on the street ever so often and, just for fun, say hello. She wouldn't recognise me from Adam.

Furor Teutonicus said...

"Nice windows you 'ave there... nice nursery your kids go to like. Shame if anything was to... like .....'appen to them, when you don't gve us the info, innit?"

JuliaM said...

"Is this just a fancy protection racket?"

A very British one..!

"Complete and utter waste of space and taxpayers money. I pass her on the street ever so often and, just for fun, say hello. She wouldn't recognise me from Adam. "

Why, og why, did the coalition not scrap this bonkers idea? :/

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX bonkers XX

Have not heard that for YEARS!! :-D :-D :-D