Thursday 30 January 2014

Just Let Darwin Sort It Out…

Calls have been made to make a busy road safer after a schoolgirl was knocked down by a car.
Oh, like footbridges and crossings?
Emergency services rushed to Clays Hill Road in Basildon, outside Kingswood Infant and Junior School, at 9am on Friday after onlookers reported the girl ran out across the road in front of a car.
Hmmm. Caused, I suppose, by the lack of footbridges and crossings?
The accident has raised serious concerns over the safety of children and parents who are often seen crossing the road, despite there being a footbridge and a crossing nearby.
Andrew Gordon, Labour councillor for Nethermayne ward, said he would be speaking to Essex County Council about safety improvements.
He said: “I’m glad the girl is okay but this is a worry. “The girl’s mother must have petrified. If this is happening then something needs to be done (Ed: ARGGGHHHH!) because at the end of the day if people are getting hurt then this is not acceptable practice.
“We have a similar thing happening at Lee Chapel School where parents just park up causing a backlog up the road which creates a dangerous situation.
“Often people feel that nothing is done until something like this happens, but that cannot be the case.
“It’s my job to get the facts together and speak to Essex County Council about what can be done.”
You could station snipers there and shoot anyone not using the crossing or the footbridge? Just a thought...


Anonymous said...

In the USA there used to be an offence of Jaywalking I believe it was called for people not using safe areas to cross (if available). I'm not one for more laws, but this may help prevent any poor vehicle driver being seen as the "evil one". My sons flatmate hit someone who subsequently died and even though he was on his own, paying attention, not on his phone, under the speed limit, car in excellent roadworthiness etc. he was still made to feel guilty and now can't go anywhere in a car.

Ed P said...

It's the bloody big 4x4s, clogging up narrow roads and reducing sight-lines to unsafe levels. But of course, mummy must drive her precious infant to school independently of the other mummies living in the same street, mustn't she? The badly-driven great beasts block main roads too, as some are wider than right-turn lanes into the school roads, so everyone else has to wait for the selfish swine.

blueknight said...

Bring back Tufty squirrel

JuliaM said...

"In the USA there used to be an offence of Jaywalking I believe..."

I think there still is. And they are VERY hot on it in Singapore!

"But of course, mummy must drive her precious infant to school..."

School run times are times I hate to drive.

"Bring back Tufty squirrel"

Well, it'd be more useful than all the PC crap.