Friday 10 January 2014

Modern Policing In All Its Glory

One former Met commander said the scenes of near anarchy were unprecedented and that it was ‘totally unacceptable’ for jurors to be intimidated for simply doing their public duty.
Note: a former Met Commander. And what are the current ones doing?
Scotland Yard last night declined to comment on any measures to protect the jury.
It seems that no matter how many times they try appeasement of a section of society who will not be appeased by anything less than total surrender, it doesn't work. But do they learn from this?
The violence continued outside as Met Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley was spat at as he tried to make a conciliatory statement.
But Scotland Yard said no inquiry was taking place into potential public order offences or other crimes because ‘no complaint has been made’.
I hope you feel that whatever gong or safe cushy office job you get given as a result of this sacrificial offering is worth it, Mark. Because I don't think there's anything that could persuade me that it is.

But then I have personal integrity and clearly, that's not something that the modern police 'service' select for.

Especially in its top brass:
Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe met with community leaders as he said the force must work harder to build trust with the black population.
How about you invite them in, sit them down and then tell them what you really think of them? Something along the lines of this:

"Good morning. You'll note there's no tea and biscuits. Well, that's because you won't be here long.

I called you all here to point out that we, the Met, have finally had enough. 

You're 'angry and upset' about the verdict of a court of inquest? Really? When was the last time you got 'angry and upset' when one of the 'community' you claim to represent shoots or stabs another 'community member' in the street? Why don't you get 'angry and upset' that your 'community' is shown behaving worse than animals on public TV?

Here's a thought for you - instead of sitting here demanding more 'respect' from the Met, why don't you go out there and ensure that you finally have a community that is worthy of respect? A community who isn't always in the papers for their excesses, their debauchery, their chips on shoulders, their constant whinging that wider society owes them a living? 

Why don't you try connecting with that section of your community that works hard, pays their bills and doesn't raise their children to be ill-educated arrogant street scum? 

In fact, I think in future, I'll be listening a lot more to this section of community, and a lot less to you. Because listening to you hasn't got us anywhere, so maybe I've finally realised that you have nothing to say that's worth listening to...

Now get out of my office. And next time I see you, it better not be in a custody unit!" 

Try being a man, Bernie. You never know, it might just grow on you..


Robert the Biker said...

"Good morning. You'll note there's no tea and biscuits. Well, that's because you won't be here long."
Known in the industry as "meetings without coffee"
Usually involves shouting.
In the case of some of these mutts, should also include flying out of 3rd floor windows.

Dr Cromarty said...

No-one ever seems to ask the 'Community Leaders' any of Tony Benn's five questions, do they?

1. What power do you have?;
2. How did you get it?;
3. In whose interests do you exercise it?
4. To whom are you accountable;
5. How can we get rid of you?

Joe Public said...

Well said, Julia.

Have you considered submitting your proposal the the Met's "Suggestion Scheme"?

watcher said...

In some parts of the UK, apologetic leaflets are handed out to "locals" when one of their kind is arrested for some heinous crime. The sort of arrest that if it happened in the old days to the previous "locals" it would elicit only nods of agreement from the population who didn't need anyone printing leaflets to explain how justice works.

Anonymous said... will NEVER happen. Maybe if the truth was something that was dominant in politics, the law and every day life a lot of these problems wouldn't exist.

Hogdayafternoon said...

In the interests of equality and even-handedness the Commish` would have to address everyone in that tone. Suits me. As long as they do their job I have no desire to have every single police officer (whenever I might encounter one)to be my `friend`. I'd settle for sufficiently polite and efficient as opposed to bending over backwards and staring up their own arses to prove how way beyond even handed they are.

Anonymous said...


Easy way to sort out, a battalion of infantry, fixed bayonets, job done.

Ancient + Tattered Airman said...

Unfortunately our Army is too undermanned and overstretched to spare anyone to undertake such a public service.

Antisthenes said...

As the progressives and other assorted lefties are now firmly in the driving seat and are in control of government policies and practices. Then we are all going to have to acquiesce to minority groups such as these regardless of the grave consequences of doing so. The left have an intent of working with these people to foster harmony, understanding and to make them better citizens. We have the same intent but are gifted with not only good intentions but have an understanding of consequences. The left believe that for a desired outcome all that is need is a good intention which of course nearly always proves to be fallacious. So as they would appease these scum bags and thereby encourage their atrocious behaviour and store up more and ever increasing damaging problems for society. We would treat them in the manner in which they deserve and ignore their self-serving pleas and punishment them severely when they transgress and thereby make society a safer and more decent one for them as well as us.

Anonymous said...

The verdict was a majority of 8 to 2. What happened to the other two original members?

But deciding, on the evidence, that this piece of scum was removed from the streets legally seems like a fair decision to me. I hope the police continue their hard-line actions against such vile hominids.

selsey.steve said...

When I joined the Police in 1974, part of the Oath I swore was "I will execute the powers and duties of my office honestly, faithfully and diligently without fear of or favour to any person and with malice or ill-will toward none ..."
And I stuck to it. I treated everyone exactly the same. Towards the end of my service in the 21st Century, various 'groups', 'communities' and other special-interest formations started to try to obtain lenient treatment for any of their members who'd fallen foul of the Law.
Rebuffing them was one of my greatest pleasures.

blueknight said...

On hand the Govt encourages racial integration, but pandering to 'community leaders' defeats this end. Ask yourself what would have happened if Duggan was white...

Mishi said...

To almost quote Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart "Chap with the [chicken] wings there, five rounds rapid."

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Julia but Bernie did not get were he is by telling hard truths.We all think he was put in place to push through the hated reforms (hated by us) of Winsor.
PS 10 people on a jury inquest.

Ian B said...

The whole thing is beyond parody.

Woman on a Raft said...

It is coming up for 30 years since the murder of PC Keith Blakelock at Broadwater Farm in North London. I can only assume Selsey Steve had the good fortune to serve outside the Met because by 1984, when he had barely done a decade, the police there had adopted a softly-softly approach to policing that estate, with the result that it was rapidly becoming an enclave which thought that normal law should be suspended in their vicinity.

There were many innocent and honest people who had the misfortune to be the black inhabitants of that architect's bad joke. It was rather like a castle where a few thugs could easily control the half-a-dozen entry ways in to the tower blocks which squatted over the access road which served them.

The attitude in Tottenham continued to be arrogant even after the riots. Victoria Climbie died fifteen years later because the dogma was that black parents - or carers - did not abuse children. Anybody who suggested otherwise was raaaaycist. What was actually happening was that the child was trafficked in to farm benefits, then abused. We don't know whether it was sexual as well as physical but what does the panel think? Then again, if you've been tortured and left to die in a bath, perhaps it does not matter if you were raped first.

The trial focused, rightly, on getting a conviction but there was a failure to follow-up the implications of some of the odd things Marie Therese Kouao said in her own defence, such as that the injuries were down to witchcraft. What this means is that Kouao saw the child as possessed and that the injuries were in the nature of an exorcism or believing that the child had become a witch. It is not, of course, a defence, but a refusal to look at the frankly potty ideas which were - and are - held by members of 'the community' has led to other tragedies.

I doubt if a police commissioner can take on this monumental idiocy alone.

JuliaM said...

"In the case of some of these mutts, should also include flying out of 3rd floor windows."

Given how porky most of them seem to be, Bernie'd need help...

"Have you considered submitting your proposal the the Met's "Suggestion Scheme"?"

Heh! I'm probably already on a watch list! :)

"I'd settle for sufficiently polite and efficient as opposed to bending over backwards and staring up their own arses to prove how way beyond even handed they are."

Spot on!

"Ask yourself what would have happened if Duggan was white..."

We already know.

No Footlockers or Apple Stores were burnt down when Mark Saunders tried to recreate the Glorious Twelfth in Chelsea...

JuliaM said...

"I doubt if a police commissioner can take on this monumental idiocy alone."

No, indeed.

But it'd be refreshing to see one start, wouldn't it?

Crouchender said...

"It is coming up for 30 years since the murder of PC Keith Blakelock at Broadwater Farm in North London."

Used to watch one of the suspects in the Blakelock murder picking up a (his?) kid from junior school. Untaxed car straight onto the "no parking" zone right in front of the copper doing the school leaving gig. Copper wouldn't even look at him for fear of an "harassment" allegation.
Currently living 1800 km from Tottenham. And it's still too close.