Saturday, 1 August 2020

This Is Not Justice...

Superintendent Stuart Blaik, who led the investigation, said Henry Long, Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers had shown 'not an ounce of remorse' as they were jailed for 16 years and 13 years respectively.
It means two of the three thugs who killed the police constable as they tried to steal a quad bike will be back on the streets in just eight years. The maximum sentence for manslaughter is life with a term of 24 years.
So why didn't they get it?

Simple! The inbuilt discount scheme that immediately knocks off years off the intended sentence if there are 'other factors' in play: 
The judge told getaway driver Henry Long, 19, that he would have received this sentence if he was 'a few years older' but it had been discounted because of his age, and due to his guilty plea. He will now serve 10 years and 8 months before being considered for release.
Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, were 'not ringleaders', the judge said, so the starting point for their sentences was 20 years. This was reduced to 13 due to their age and because they both have learning difficulties. This means they could be released in eight years.
Shouldn't their criminal lifestyles and their lack of remorse have offset these? Yes. But of course, they aren't built into the system. As the wretched families of these utter degenerates know full well:
Some supporters of the defendants wept and gasped as the judge announced his decision. Mrs Harper's mother, Julie Beckett, applauded at the conclusion of the hearing.
And incredibly, there are still sections of the police farces set up to laud 'gypsy and traveller culture'.

If this is a culture at all, it's in the sense of what festers in a Petri dish.


Anonymous said...

If they are Irish Travellers, could they be deported at the end of their sentences?

Or is there any other criminals in the prisons they are sent to sufficiently moral to slit the little bastards' throats? (Obviously not, or the Rigby killers would be dead by now).

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder the Police like to catch ordinary members of the public for minor offences - the fuzz aren't then likely to die in the attampt.

Anonymous said...

So much for the rule of law, I wonder why do many experienced Police are leaving the job?

Anonymous said...

Up to a point, it wasn't murder by the legal definition, as the perpetrators didn't set out to kill anyone, so probably the lack of mens rea makes it manslaughter not murder. Not that I approve of that in any way, but legally it is probably a factor. But, it was a joint enterprise, which should have made the whole thing worse for them.

If someone is not an adult, then in a case like this, shouldn't their parents face some punishment? And where is the punishment for robbery?

I hope that they enjoy being sodomised in prison.

MTG said...

Utterly stupid to confuse Justice with Revenge, JuliaM. Concentrate on DM misprints and marking the work of other bloggers?

Anonymous said...

In the US, a killing in the commission of a felony is treated as murder. This case shows that we should institute such laws in the UK.

Nemisis said...

Will they be incarcerated in the same holiday camp, or will they be sent to three different prisons?

Could it be that the ODC population will frighten the sh1t out of them?

A guy I used to know was jailed for falsifying aircraft component records - whilst he was in holiday camp they taught him how to use welding kit properly. Hopefully these three will just learn to read, write and defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Anon 08:56, Oh how I agree with you. These three bastards deserve real punishment. But then we don't have the death penalty.
On the grounds that the punishment should fit the crime, they should be dragged behind a vehicle at high speed for the same distance. If they survive, then they can walk free..

Anonymous said...

It's true that in English law this case was manslaughter but the maximum sentence for manslaughter is the same as that for murder i.e. life imprisonment. Why wasn't a life sentence handed down in this case?

Anonymous said...

Because of their ages and 'learning difficulties', many thousands of Pounds will be spent on psychiatrists and teachers in an attempt to make them gentler members of society, while taking into account their culture and special status as a (so called) discriminated against minority. All of this will be wasted. When released, they will return to their families as heroes and carry on the traditional traveller way of life of thieving, defrauding, threatening, and assaulting.
Slightly off topic, and I hope this does not happen, but, having been a front line Police officer for over 20 years, I know that the families of travellers sent to prison have a habit of harassing or subtly threatening the families of victims or those who have given evidence for the prosecution. I sincerely hope PC Harper's colleagues bear this in kind and protect his extremely brave, yet grieving, widow.

Having been a front

Greencoat said...

In my book, the younger they are the longer their sentences should be.