Monday, 20 April 2015

There’s No ‘Racist Science’ Or ‘Non-Racist Science’…

…there’s just science:
It angered me that there was a new wave of racist science getting undue and often largely uncritical publicity. I began to explore the arguments and saw that they were based on bad science (or a poor understanding of science). This needed to be exposed.
That’s from the lavish publicity blurb for Gavin Evans’ new book, ‘Black Brain White Brain: Is Intelligence Skin Deep?’ masquerading as a news article in the ‘Haringey Independent’.
I hope to puncture the latest bubble of racist science, and, in the longer terms, I would like the book to be a reference to be used against future race science claims.
Really? And how are you planning on achieving this?
I started with reading the work of race science proponents – people like Satoshi Kanazawa, Richard Lynn, Charles Murray, Nicholas Wade and many others – and then went back to the basics and did extensive secondary research into four areas: archaeology, evolutionary theory, genetics and IQ theory, reading scores of academic papers and books while picking the brains of friends and academic colleagues who were experts in these areas – evolutionary biology, genetics, neurology and psychiatry.
Ah. Right. OK. Rigorous scientific methods, there…


Anonymous said...

It's all social science nowadays except chemistry and physics.

Anonymous said...

What really infuriates me with these... persons... is that they are unable to see the racism that is endemic in their own articles.

Radical Rodent

Anonymous said...

and chemistry and physics seem to be dying out too, except for the p.c. few who manage to get on telly

JuliaM said...

"It's all social science nowadays except chemistry and physics."

Sadly true... :/