Saturday, 16 July 2016

Well, This Helps To Explain The 'No Consequences' Generation...

Rekha bought the cottage, her first home, in 2010 for £162,500. She spent years and £30,000 doing it up before moving in in 2013.
But it was during the renovation - and when her builder carried out alterations to the roof without listed building consent - that her ordeal began. Although she did get retrospective consent for the work, her neighbour took her to court.
Representing herself, Rekha was found against by a judge. He ruled stones belonging to the neighbour, a ‘key architectural feature’ had been removed, ordered she pay costs and damages, and denied an appeal. She paid £17,000 but was served with an outstanding bill of £72,000.
Rekha thinks that's not fair.
Rekha, who is now living with her parents in Stalybridge and works three jobs, says her decision not to pay is a moral one.
She added: “The court case broke me, totally broke me. I had tried to set up instalments but they ignored me.
“In the end I thought it would be criminal to pay and fuel these bullies. It’s never been about the money - it’s about right and wrong. I feel morally obligated to stand up to them. I teach hundreds of kids. If I can’t do what’s right how am I supposed to teach them to do what’s right?”
I think your example is going to teach them a few of life's lessons, Rekha, albeit maybe not in the way you think it will...


James Higham said...

Still, they're a nightmare trap, these councils. Best to steer clear of property altogether. I'm well out of all that.

Woman on a Raft said...

The earlier case and the comments under it are enlightening.


She didn't have legal representation and was a litigant-in-person throughout the whole process. I'm guessing no one wanted to represent her because she didn't have a case. The only legal help she had was from two public access barristers: a Manchester barrister who tried to turn a civil property dispute into a Breach of Human Rights and got short shrift from the court. And a London barrister for the appeal. His name is Henry Hendron. Google him.

Lazy reporting by the M.E.N. Didn't give full story, just lifted it from FB and Youtube. There were 20-25 PPL barricaded in teacher's house, police had to keep everyone safe. 3 hour stand off where she wouldn't open the door. No choice but to smash door down. Teacher lost at Manchester court and 2 London appeals but wouldn't pay her legal debts. Her builders damaged grade 2 listed house next door. Criminal offence but council too cash-strapped to charge her. So neighbour had to do it. 6 years of legal wrangling. M.E.N didn't get off backside and interview anyone - police, neighbours, teacher, enforcement officers, council. instead just lifted a one-sided story from Youtube and Facebook. Where are the proper journalists these days? Not at the MEN clearly.


Essentially her (cowboy) builders damaged a grade 2 listed building, and not just the one she owned; the one next door.

As I doubt they have insurance, she is liable for the damage and should just have accepted the repair bill, but instead wasted years of everyone's lives and tens of thousands of pounds which would have been better spent repairing the cottage and accepting that there is a reason cottages are grade-2 listed. The dope even damaged the value of her own property by doing this, which will necessarily damages the value of the adjoining house.

The trouble with the likes of Rekha Patel is that they are bat-blind when it comes to aesthetics. She genuinely does not understand why the restriction applied to her in the first place. She is a prime example of Generation Snowflake, and that is the kind of person who is not fit to have authority over children since she sets a terrible example.

She really ought to be excluded from teaching until she has got the hang of this.

Woman on a Raft said...

Henry Hendron - Pink News followed this case and the comments are mixed.
"I did not like the way this guy used the media pre-sentence to try to deflect the blame from himself. Yes the 18-year-old boyfriend (little more than a child!) TOOK the drugs, but he, the 36-year-old supplied, them. Whole thing is creepy."

Hendron has now surrendered his licence. Not sure his legal advice would have been much good to an obstinate and wrong client.

Anonymous said...

Just shows what happens when you believe all the Freeman on the Land wibble. I thought you were a bit of a fan of the Freemen Julia?


Unknown said...

I note her use of the emotive description "bullies", whom she feels morally obliged to stand up to. Umm ... who is it she thinks she is standing up to? The law of the land? She had her days in court, she lost.

When you are in a hole, know when it is time to stop digging.

Anonymous said...


Why didn't her insurance cover it? As has been stated before, why didn't her builder have insurance. Did her builder remove the 'ton' slates from the house, replace them with cheap Spanish or Chinese and sell the slates on? Probably.

Oh dear, that is woman is teaching children. Also 'I won't pay this' isn't that going to make matters worse for her? I believe Styal Prison has a fairly high suicide rate.

JuliaM said...

"Best to steer clear of property altogether. I'm well out of all that."

And yet, we seem to be becoming a nation of property developers...

"His name is Henry Hendron. Google him."

Well, well, well..!

"The trouble with the likes of Rekha Patel is that they are bat-blind when it comes to aesthetics. She genuinely does not understand why the restriction applied to her in the first place."

And that would be forgivable, but she's teaching our next generation!

JuliaM said...

"I thought you were a bit of a fan of the Freemen Julia?"

I like their enthusiasm. Not so much their results...

Interesting comments over there.

"When you are in a hole, know when it is time to stop digging."

If she just manages to impart this to her students, we'll be better off!

"I believe Styal Prison has a fairly high suicide rate."

People like this never suffer from the low self esteem that leads to suicide.

Anonymous said...

"I like their enthusiasm. Not so much their results.." I didn't think you were a fan of freeloaders. Most of their antics seem to be devoted to trying to avoid paying bills for utilities, mortgages, credit card debt and so on. Look a bit deeper into the Freemen and there are some seriously deluded and downright nasty types there.
Occasionally they might get a debt written off as the debt collection agency decide it is not worth their while trying to collect relatively small amounts of money. They may be enthusiastic but their enthusiasm generally leads to them digging bigger and bigger holes for themselves. I used to know a lot of enthusiastic criminals. I didn't like them either.

Bucko said...

A person who represents themselves.....