Monday, 7 October 2019

Then Treat Them Accordingly...

A senior Scotland Yard officer warned that XR protesters were putting a bigger strain on police resources than the terrorist attacks of 2017.
If you adopt the tactics of terrorists, then that is how you should be treated:
Activists have been told to buy ‘burner’ SIM cards for their mobile phones so they cannot be traced.
They have been armed with detailed instructions on how to encrypt phones and laptops and hide all forms of communication from police.
This includes replacing traditional messaging apps such as WhatsApp with others including Signal and Wire, with ‘the potential for increased anonymity’.
They are telling anyone arrested during the protests to refuse bail in a bid to fill up all of London’s police cells. Police will then find it extremely difficult to arrest any more rebels during the fortnight of disruption because they will be forced to send them to cells outside London – draining them of vital resources.
The group claims to have 4,442 people who are prepared to be arrested, while there are just 683 police cells in London across 27 custody suites, according to 2017 Metropolitan Police data.
It's direct defiance of the law.

The police should have cracked down hard in the first place, rather than embolden these domestic terrorists. Now they, and the public, are paying the price:
XR is also planning to converge on London City Airport, blockade Smithfield meat market, target transport routes into the City of London, and project images on to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
It's going to be an interesting fortnight.


microdave said...

"XR is also planning to converge on London City Airport, blockade Smithfield meat market"

Apparently, The butchers at Smithfield are looking forward to XR's visit:

Rob said...

Refuse bail? OK, quick turnaround, remand them in custody, a nice prison somewhere, where middle-class Henry can share a cell with a nasty piece of work for a month or two.

Anonymous said...

Just turn a hosepipe on them, and leave them to shiver. Return in an hour after they have dried out a bit, then repeat. Keep doing it. You block a road, you get soaked. Limited cost, maximum discomfort. Tarquin and Fiona will eventually tire of it. Andy.

tolkein said...

Who funds them?

Stonyground said...

With the government and the media, particularly the BBC, spreading doomsday nonsense non stop, they have created this problem themselves. These gullible idiots really believe that the world is going to end, what would you expect them to do? Of course they are so ignorant and stupid that they think that the world can function without emitting CO2, the government told them so.

Scott said...

At first glance, I thought an "XR Protester" was some kind of new hot-hatch, maybe it was the phrase "glued to the tarmac" that threw me off.

John M said...

Given the immense costs these morons are running up by protesting I don't suppose it's too much to ask to start sharing the bill out amongst the ones who are being arrested?

Say £15,000 per idiot? How about that for starters? Why should my tax money get wasted patrolling these cretins?