Thursday, 26 February 2015

Another Of Those 'Rare' Events...

Lisa-Jayne Samuels, 29, falsely accused a man of having spiked her drink and attacked her in October 2012.
It led to the arrest of innocent Terry Brown who endured more than a year of suspicion before Samuels finally admitted she had made the whole thing up, a court heard.
How rare! Why, we hardly ever hear about these cases, do we? Oh well, at least no one was hurt.

Wait. What?
During that time, Mr Brown was attacked by a gang and his pregnant partner lost her baby, Basildon Crown Court was told.
Oh, well, We can't blame the police, after all, they can't do any investigation before they arrest, can they? That would be stupid and....

Wait. What?
CCTV showed no sign of Samuels at the time and place she was supposed to have been at the pub, and the friends she had spoken of did not to exist.
During a voluntary interview with Samuels on December 6, 2013, she eventually admitted to making up the whole story.
And if she hadn't?
She pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was imprisoned for 20 months. All her children have been taken into care.
Lucky kids.
Her defence solicitor, Paul Vickers, tried to argue her sentence should be suspended.
He said: "She accepts what she has done was loathsome and describes her actions as stupid.
"You are dealing with a lady who was homeless, intoxicated and in the grip of an addiction, who botched a scheme to enable her to get the support of her mother, to try to get her to feel sorry for her and to take her back and to rebuild her relationship with her."
The poor innocent sod who lost everything might argue with the idea that this is any kind of lady....

H/T: AndreaUrbanFox via Twitter


Blue Burmese said...

Holy fuck. She'll be out by Christmas.

Anonymous said...


Julia as much I agree with your gist, arrest gives rights to the accused, hence the man is arrested. The trouble is the public can't get their head around the difference between arrest and guilty. My problem with this is the period of time between the accusation and the exoneration of the accused.

Besides that the bitch can rot in hell for all I care, and the kids are definitely better off.

Anonymous said...

How about tattooing her forehead and letting her go?
"I make false rape accusations" is a bit long but the public does need warning.

Anonymouslemming said...

The problem is that arrests have a massive impact. If an arrest that led to no further action had no negative consequences, I'd be more willing to accept it.

But as it stands, that arrest will follow you everywhere, for ever. Want to visit the USA (and some other placers) ? No more visa waiver programme - spend the time and money to get a visa before you go.

Applying for a job that requires an ECRB ? Better hope there are no other applicants because I'm damn sure hiring them over you if you've got an arrest showing and they don't. And there are enough candidates that I can be picky.

Arrests are massively damaging and should only be carried out if there is evidence to suggest that someone is guilty. This idea of arresting people and keeping them on police bail for months or years is an abuse.

JuliaM said...

"Holy fuck. She'll be out by Christmas."

Just in time for party season!

"..arrest gives rights to the accused, hence the man is arrested."

And 20 years ago, that would be the end of it.

But as Anonymouslemming points out, now (even if the investigation was speedy) the mere fact of an arrest will show up on attempting to obtain a visa for travel or a CRB check for work.

When if they'd checked the CCTV first...

"How about tattooing her forehead and letting her go?
"I make false rape accusations"..."

There are other bits to tattoo it on...