Thursday 3 March 2016

“It’s OK, Everyone, We’ll Let Year 4 Get This..!”

Children will design posters warning of the dangers of crossing the A127 after a 13-year-old boy killed by a car.
Yes, it’s in relation to this incident.

Because it’ll somehow help, despite the official ones being disregarded…

*rolls eyes*
Chief Inspector Shaun Cane, district police commander for Basildon, said: “We have had a very successful community consultancy meeting, which involved the ward councillor Terri Sargent, representatives from Essex County Council and the local community.
“We had a very sensible conversation regarding the immediate concerns around road safety and temporary measures to prevent problems.
“As well as the posters, other measures that are being considered are changing the barriers, perhaps including shrubbery. ”
You could build barriers out of thornbush, I suppose? It’s worked in Africa for years, keeping dumb animals penned up and safe from danger…
“The temporary measures have been welcomed and everyone accepts that the suggestion of a footbridge is a possible longterm solution that will have to go through a consultation process.
“We are also going into schools to give safety talks.”
This is the job of the police? Really? I thought you were so overstretched…
Mr Cane said Essex Police representatives had laid flowers at the Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, in London Road, Wickford, as a mark of respect.
Wait, what? They are laying flowers?

To a Darwin Award candidate?

With taxpayer money ..?!?

Is this something they do for every road accident victim, then? Or is this one somehow deserving of special treatment?


James Higham said...

Shrubbery eh? The Knights of Ni can commission them.

Trevor said...

A further waste of public money notwithstanding, planting some shrubs will at least have the benefit of raising the average IQ in the local area.

Anonymous said...

This item reminded me of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon in which the school kids had a competition to design a road safety poster. Calvin's effort consisted of a lurid red splat with the slogan "Be careful or be roadkill". Calvin was baffled when he didn't win and so was I.


Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Talking of signs I'd design one with little cartoon stick people with red crosses or a single line drawn across them. A new one every time some idiot ends up under the wheels of a car or truck. Maybe it won't stop the carnage but they can have fun with a competition to see how fast you can fill up the sign.

Might even deepen the gene puddle over time.

Anonymous said...

You're a bunch of callous bastards. For all you know the boy was intelligent and good-natured and was just taking a risk , as youths tend to do. Even if he was a thickie, so what? Life's value has to do with IQ, does it? The gene-pool, IQ and Darwin awards-type comments just show that you're well into the "them and us" mindset, ie. divide and conquer. Maybe that viewpoint has been instilled, consider that, and it's possible because your reaction to this death is abnormal.
You sound like psychopaths; if you are then there's no helping you, but maybe you should have a think and see if the concept of "empathy" lies within your grasp then re-read what you've written. If you still feel the same lofty contempt and wry amusement for someone's extinction, on the basis that they're further down the social scale, at least you now know how the politicians and royals feel about you. Feels good, eh?

Trevor said...

Richard, here's the deal: I'll mewl you a river of empathy or continue to comply each month when the government confiscates a lump of my earnings. Demanding that we not only fund this idiocy, but think the right thoughts and feel the right feelings while we watch our money being spunked up the wall is, frankly, taking the piss.

JuliaM said...

"Shrubbery eh? The Knights of Ni can commission them."


"...planting some shrubs will at least have the benefit of raising the average IQ in the local area."


"Calvin was baffled when he didn't win and so was I."

Me too! I loved that strip...

"You're a bunch of callous bastards. For all you know the boy was intelligent and good-natured..."

It'd be a bloody miracle!

Anonymous said...

Government stealing our wages is bad; people demanding the State pays for stuff they want is bad because it's theft at one remove. That's a straw man argument and has nothing to do with what I said, which is that the reaction to someone getting killed on the road was callous.
Yes, Julia, it could well be a miracle that someone on a shit welfare estate, after years of bad schooling, actually exhibits the benefits of a carefully-nurtured intelligence. It is unlikely. Never mind, he's dead and it's easier to laugh at a dead peasant and the reactions of the bereaved than think or care about what it means.
We can't avoid being taxed but at least, Trevor, you can see the reality of the system; it's buying unproductive people's votes with productive people's money. Not many people in the lower echelons, if anywhere, can see it for what it is. So it's no surprise when people who have no experience of anything except handouts continue to believe that the State is their friend and will provide. They've been bribed, we've been robbed, and that - plus ignorance of the fact - is the fundamental problem.