Wednesday 9 March 2016

Why The ‘Softly, Softly’ Approach?

A man remains in a serious condition in hospital after being mauled by a pack of dogs at his home in Westerham.
Five bullmastiffs were removed from the property in Vicarage Hill yesterday. Emergency services were called to the address shortly after 7am following reports that a man had been seriously injured.
At first I thought this was just another Darwin Award contender like this cretin, but it seems this was indeed a case of ‘no good deed going unpunished’

So, ‘single mum of four’ with six (now five) large, hungry animals, in a housing association flat that burns down in a suspicious fire? Who’s paying for this?

Oh, wait. Don’t tell me. I am, aren’t I?
A police spokesman said officers were "managing the dogs' welfare" but it is not yet known what will happen to them.
They should have been shot dead at the scene. Why are they being maintained, at yet more taxpayer expense, until a trial?

They aren’t witnesses, are they?


Woman on a Raft said...

I am struggling to get my head around "single mum of four with six bull mastiffs in a housing association flat".

Sorry, it just does not compute. Another commenter researched her:

"I looked for kathleen mongan on fb as i wanted to see if my view point was correct.
It seems this idiot woman has been breading these dogs constantly for a long time. Now i know these dogs sell for £300 up, if she has a litter of 9 then that is £3700 minimum she has earned each litter. Based on fb photos we can assume a new litter every couple of months. Now this on top of the benefits, i think the tax payer is owed a refund!! This woman should be banned from breading her "babies" (her words!). Surely this shouldnt be allowed. It looks like a puppy farm on her fb."

Somebody should tell the benefits office and the housing association. And the RSPCA.

JuliaM said...

"Somebody should tell the benefits office and the housing association. And the RSPCA."

I'd like to believe they are all investigating now, but it's too little, too late...:/ And the dogs are draining the taxpayer purse in government-sanctioned kennels until a trial!

Anonymous said...

Sad punch of people you lot are