Saturday, 12 January 2019

Put The Onions Away, 'Guardian'...

The mechanical engineer, who has lived in the country for a decade, was stopped from working in June when he exhausted his appeal rights over his original asylum application in 2016.
More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Home Office to halt his removal.
Oh noes! Have they got the right BabySeal (© DumbJon) this time?
Macharia, who has received repeated letters demanding he pay the council tax, has no income and while his application is considered, is surviving on handouts from his 69-year-old mother, Jacinta, who is working extra shifts as an agency nurse. She suffers from arthritis and lives in sheltered housing.
She is paying Macharia’s £365 monthly rent plus bills while he waits to hear from the Home Office about his case.
Oooh, sure looks like it! Well, how c...

Macharia has been in the UK since 2009, arriving on a student visa. He has twice been granted extensions to remain, as a student and then as a highly skilled migrant.
He claimed asylum in May 2016, arguing that he would be persecuted in Kenya where homosexual activity is illegal.
He's played the system like a fiddle. There may well be hard luck cases out there, but the progressive press unerringly picks the wrong ones.


Lord T said...

It's because they look for key words that they choose wrong uns. Homos and black are two of the boxes they look for.

IMO. There is a proper route to come through for asylum. I've heard of too many cases where our useless bureaucrats reject people who are following the rules and should qualify over people that are illegally here and are willing to use our stupid media.

Here illegally reject t them and let them start at the tail of the queue. Process them legally and correctly or not at all.

Just Trevor said...

He is 38 and arrived on a student visa ten years ago. Within my lifetime it was normal to have completed one's 'studies' and begun adult life well before the age of 28. But I'm just a grumpy old fascist, I suppose.