Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Sort Of People We Are Recruiting For The Police Farces...

Carol Richards, 68, and husband David, 66, of Bridgend travelled 10 miles to visit dementia sufferer Decima Minhinnick at Picton Court Care Home. They were reprimanded by police on the way back despite having received permission to see Ms Minhinnick and handed a £60 penalty.

Jesus! Imagine that conversation in the police canteen: 

"Any good jobs today?"

"Yes, caught a burglar red-handed, just booked him in at custody."

"Me and my dog tracked down a lost missing disabled child in the woods, we're just back from the hospital."

"I stopped a couple visiting their dementia hit mother at her care home and gave them a fine."

*stunned silence* 

So...what sort of hairy-arsed dinosaur of an unreconstructed police officer was so stupid? I mean, it must have been one of those uncaring hard-nosed blokes, right?

Mrs Richards had described the incident as 'dystopian', adding: 'A police lady flagged us down and I thought 'Oh right, they're policing the area, that's fine'.


'So I explained to her that we were going home, we'd been to Picton Court visiting my mother but she said this was a non-essential visit.
She said 'We'd all like to knock on our mother's window to see them but you can't do that'.'
'I was totally gobsmacked. I was angry. She just would not listen to any protestations and so she said 'You're going to be issued with a £60 fixed penalty fine'.'

Remember this, the next time they start to say how 'feminising' the police would be a good thing... 

The couple said they do not believe they breached lockdown rules and have complained to the Police Complaints Commissioner.

And the police are scrambling to get out ahead of the oncoming critiscism... 

South Wales Police have now rescinded the fine after reviewing the incident, following a public backlash to the growing war on shutdown flouters.

But it shouldn't stop the complaint. Because the real issue here is this: 

According to Welsh Government guidelines, outdoor visits to care homes are allowed for 'compassionate reasons'.

Why did the police officer not know this? Why did she feel confident in issuing the fine? And...which number checkout will she eventually be working at Lidl when they do what they should do, and fire her useless arse? 


The Jannie said...

That's not going to happen - Lidl are fussy who they employ.

okjoe58 said...

At Lidl the dos and donts are very taken seriously

MTG said...

Here in West Yorkshire, a meeting of Plods Anonymous got underway with the group's first addict receiving applause for "It's been over a week since I last booked a motorist for exceeding the speed limit by 1 mph."

Anonymous said...

What's Welsh for "Would you like fries with that?"

Andy said...

She won't be sacked, instead she will be fast tracked for promotion.

Scrawler said...

Hard of thinking? There is a career for you in the modern police force.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post on here a copy of the speeding ticket they received for going 1mph over the limit?
Yes that's never happens despite how many times Captain Tinfoil writes this lie on here.

Stonyground said...

A little hyperbole obviously. I have however been stung for straying 5mph over, on a dead straight road, clear and perfect weather conditions, no other vehicles or pedestrians present, on a piece of road that has never seen a single accident of any kind. I have also been driving for 45 years and have a 100% safety record, not a single accident of any kind. Non of these details are taken into account with one size fits all lazy policing. The over zealous behaviour regarding Covid restrictions, especially in contrast to the reluctance to deal with more serious matters, is making the police more and more loathed and despised by the public who now see them as their enemy.

MTG said...

@ Stonyground

Greek roots and rhetoric are often lost on the 'educatid'.